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Ghost Canyon

'Captain America / Captain America II'
(Reb Brown, Connie Sellecca, Christopher Lee, et al / DVD / NR / 2011 / Shout! Factory)

Overview: 'Captain America' - When former Marine Steve Rogers is in an accident, his only hope for recovery is an injection of the FLAG superserum. It enhances each of his senses and gives him great strength and fast reflexes. 'Captain America II: Death Too Soon - Captain America returns to carry on the legacy of his father and defend the country this time, however, he faces off against the terrorist known only as Miguel and the threat of a chemical agent that rapidly ages those who come in contact with it.

DVD Verdict: Having been made, seemingly for fun and for not a lot of money, one of the all-time major superheroes, Captain America finally comes to DVD - twice!

And no, I am not referring the brand new Hollywood big screen version starring Chris Evans, but a cheesy, delightful 'Captain America / Captain America II: Death Too Soon' double bill. I mean, aside from throwing out all the original comic book backstory, it also stars Christopher Lee along the way - and that can't make it all bad, can it?!

Sure, come the end it results in being a very action-deficient, slow-paced (given the new big screen version) set of films, but come on now, camp was in back then, yes?!

In the first of the shows, simply entitled 'Captain America,' ex-Marine Steve Rogers (Reb Brown) is driving around California in his van, not really doing anything about anything, minding his own business, as they say. But then an old friend is murdered and for some strange reason (I'll give you that one!) the bad guys also decide to attack Steve. Sure you can say it was because they think he knew the location of secret classified film, but, come on now, seriously, they thought that of this guy?!

Anyhoo, it seems the ONLY way to save his life is to inject him with FLAG, an experimental super-drug that Steve's father created so he could become a superhero. This is the point where all Captain America fans go cross-eyed. So after being bribed with superhero gear (like a rocket-powered motorcycle) Steve reluctantly becomes Captain America, and helps hunt down the evil men who are planning to nuke an American city!

I know, but let it go, PLEASE!

OK, then in 'Captain America II: Death Too Soon,' Steve is sent out to investigate a missing scientist who had some kind of aging compound stolen by famous terrorist Miguel (the always-brilliant, Christopher Lee). It leads him to a small town where all the residents have been told to treat strangers suspiciously - and they do, sending him into Lostville!

As for the sake of repeating myself, please understand that 'Captain America' and 'Captain America II: Death Too Soon'are, hands down, pure cheese and should be visually digested as such! Sure there's no real action, no fist-fighting to shout home about with bad guys, and a whole lot of talking, but come on now, have fun with it, please This is a Widescreen presentation (1.85:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs.

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