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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - 'Bostin' Steve Austin [Splendiferous Edition]'
Artist - Fuzzbox!

We've Got A Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It!! (or simply Fuzzbox!) were an English alternative rock group. Formed in Birmingham in 1985, the all-female quartet originally consisted of Vix (Vickie Perks), Magz (Maggie Dunne), Jo Dunne and Tina O'Neill.

Actually, the band's name was shortened to Fuzzbox! for the U.S. release of their first album, Bostin' Steve Austin, but sadly they disbanded in 1990 after releasing just two studio albums. However, they did reunite in 2010 for a series of concerts, but that was shortlived also.

But now, some 27 years later the crazy-good debut album from the mighty We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It!! makes its CD debut! Via a heavily-expanded Splendiferous Edition on Cherry Red Records.

The punk-pop, all-female quartet kick off the first disc with 'Love Is The Slug,' 'Wait And See,' 'Jackie,' a cover of Norman Greenbaum's 'Spirit in the Sky,' the AA double-sided debut single 'XX Sex,' 'Alive,' and then both 'What's The Point' and 'You Got Me.' It continues on with 'Hollow Girl,' 'Console Me,' and then the other side to their double-sided AA debut single 'Rules and Regulations' (which reached #1 on the UK indie charts in 1986 for a staggering 9 weeks!) and then finally 'Preconceptions.'

The second disc, though is where it gets interesting and where true value for money kicks in! Comprising of 22 (yup, 22!) tracks, it is an incredible peak into the Fuzzbox!! musical world. It begins with 'Rules And Regulations (7-Inch Mix)' before bringing us 'XX Sex (Ep Version),' 'Do I Want To?,' 'She,' 'Aaarrrggghhh!!!,' a collaboration single with Vindaloo label mates The Nightingales and Ted Chippington on 'Rockin' With Rita (Head To Toe),' 'Fuzzy Faves,' 'Aaarrrggghhh!!! (Remix),' 'Spirit In The Sky (Shortish Mix),' and then both 'Justine' and the fan club rarity 'Radio Fuzzbox.'

With their band name chosen after they bought a distortion pedal for their guitars, the next slew of musical wonderment kicks off with 'What's The Point (7-Inch Mix),' a cover of Peggy Lee's 'Fever,' 'Fuzzy Ramblings,' a "fuzz-tastic" version of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' 'Rules And Regulations (Splendiferous Mix),' 'Rockin' With Rita (Head To Toe) (Beach Party Mix),' and both 'Love Is The Slug (Bargainous Longerer Mix)' and 'What's The Point (The Bostinous One).'

The A-sides and B-sides en masse collection finally rounds the musical bend with 'Rules And Regulations (Motormark Mix),' 'XX Sex (Gully's Mix Previously Unreleased),' and 'By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (Previously Unreleased).'

Having taken the indie world by storm Fuzzbox! went on to release their second album Big Bang! [UK #5] in the summer of 1989. It contained the hit singles 'International Rescue' [UK #11], 'Pink Sunshine' [UK #14] and 'Self!' [UK #24]. Ssdly, they then disbanded in 1990. This new deluxe CD booklet features sleeve notes from the bands drummer Tina, complete with original and expanded artwork, featuring: single sleeve art, lyrics and rare promotional materials.