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Ghost Canyon

Title - 'If You're a Boy or a Girl'
Artist - Elettrodomestico

For those not in the know, Elettrodomestico is a 2 piece band made up of songwriters Jane Wiedlin and Pietro Straccia.

Formed in 2016, Jane Wiedlin is best known as guitarist/songwriter of the eighties all-female band The Go-Go's whilst Pietro Straccia is a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter who grew up in Detroit and Italy.

Their guitar driven elettro/psychedelic/pop sound and layered vocal harmonies has been compared to bands Metric, The Mamas & The Papas, Abba, Garbage, The Flaming Lips, The XX, Phantogram.

With the duo having independently released their debut album, If You're a Boy or a Girl, on October 20th, 2017 via their own Elettrodomestico Label, while many of the lyrics explore alienation and despair, the sound of the duo is markedly upbeat; with layered guitars, intricate harmonies, and four-to-the-floor pop drumbeats.

1. "Rabbit Stew"
2. "Aloha"
3. "Mail Order Bride"
4. "Love Me At A Distance"
5. "Brittle"
6. "Stop, Drop & Swallow"
7. "Bliss"
8. "Nightblind"
9. "Lost At Sea"
10. "The Next Night"

Recorded by Travis Kasperbauer at Lucky Recording Company in Brisbane CA, and by Pietro Straccia at Las Cuatro Palmeras in Oakland CA, Produced by Travis Kasperbauer, Pietro Straccia, and Jane Wiedlin, Mixed by Travis Kasperbauer, and Mastered by Piper Payne at Neato Mastering, If You're a Boy or a Girl is quite easily one of my favorite albums of 2017.

Inclusive of guest musicians such as Joe Gore (Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, Tracy Chapman), playing bass, guitar, piano, slide guitar on many songs, and Gaby LaLa on Sitar, each of the 10 tracks resonate not only with things from our every day lives, but with how we assume the world to be outside of our purview.

Opening with the drum beat and jangly guitars of "Rabbit Stew", the album already is showcasing what's to come, adding both the atmospheric lead single "Aloha" (an expression used in the Hawaiian language that literally means "hello, goodbye, hospitality and love"), and the harmonic "Mail Order Bride" thereafter.

With not one track on this impressive album a let down, let alone a filler, next up is the Indian-twanged "Love Me At A Distance", which might well be my favorite song on the album, and is followed by both the light, breezy and spacey "Brittle," and then "Stop, Drop & Swallow."

The pulsating, Breeders-esque "Bliss" is yet another stand out cut here, and that's backed by "Nightblind," and then the gently trippy "Lost At Sea." A track that allows Wiedlin's vocals to come to the fore in a more natural, raw way, it's a beautiful cut, that's for sure.

The album then rounds out with the vocal and guitar-heavy power of "The Next Night," but trust me when I say that you'll want to start the whole musical process off all over again as the track finally fades out.

Russell A. Trunk

Check out Elettrodomestico's music video for 'Aloha':

'Aloha' - Music Video

Digital Album Purchase Link

Elettrodomestico @ Facebook

Elettrodomestico @ Twitter