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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - 'The Dublin Sessions'
Artist - Del Shannon

For those not in the know, Del Shannon (December 30, 1934 February 8, 1990) was an American rock and roll and country musician, and singer-songwriter who is best known for his infectious 1961 No. 1 Billboard chart hit 'Runaway'.

Today, Rock Beat Records is proud to announce that they have released a new album of Del Shannon's long-lost work.

Entitled The Dublin Sessions, it is a collection of live recordings and studio recordings, of which all have remained previously-unreleased.

1. 'Best Days Of My Life'
2. 'Love Letters'
3. 'Till I Found You'
4. 'Raylene'
5. 'One Track Mind'
6. 'Black Is Black'
7. 'Oh, Pretty Woman'
8. 'Another Lonely Night'
9. 'Amanda'
10. 'Love Don't Come Easy'
11. 'Today I Started Loving You'

Having recorded these previously-unreleased songs in 1977 with his UK touring band Smackee at Ireland's Dublin Sound Studios, it's been told that Del originally mixed and re-mixed the tracks at Cherokee Studios in California thereafter.

But being that he was never satisfied with the results it was shelved, for decades cassette tapes of these recordings have changed hands with Del Shannon fans worldwide. But now Rock Beat have brought it legitimately into the light for all his fans.

We begin with 'Best Days Of My Life', a track that showcases the raw, unadulterated, free flowing Shannon at his finest; in my humble opinion. He backs that up with 'Love Letters,' a cut that may well slow things down a notch or two, but still enables his lyrical passion to emanate.

The mid-tempo ballad 'Till I Found You' is as close to Shannon becoming Roy Orbison as any track I've ever heard Shannon on, and that's backed by 'Raylene', the upbeat, jangly guitar work of 'One Track Mind' and then the fun 'Black Is Black". A song by rock band Los Bravos, released in 1966 as the group's debut single for Decca Records, covered here by Shannon none of their original flair has been tampered with.

His cover of 'Oh, Pretty Woman' has him back in Orbison mode, albeit not as much as one the previously-mentioned 'Till I Found You', and that's followed by the beautiful ballad, 'Another Lonely Night.' The mid-tempo, smooth guitar soul of 'Amanda' is a joy to behold, and then the album is brought to a close with 'Love Don't Come Easy', and then finally we get the echo-chamber vocals of 'Today I Started Loving You.'

Del Shannon released The Dublin Sessions on June 9th, 2017 via Rock Beat Records as a CD, a vinyl LP, and a digital download.

'The Dublin Sessions' CD Purchase Link