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Ghost Canyon

Title - 'With N With Out'
Artist - BangTower

For those not in the know, progressive fusion legends BangTower features Grammy winner Neil Citron, legendary bassist Percy Jones, and LA "Drum Guru" Walter Garces.

Their debut release, Casting Shadows (2010) was produced by Neil Citron (who also engineered, mixed and mastered) and Jon Pomplin (Declassified Records).

The album was released by Declassified Records, who have now also got behind their brand new album, which started life out on Pledge Music, the quite stunning With N With Out.

1. 'Hello I'm Here'
2. 'PCH'
3. 'Chipotle'
4. 'Soul to Sole'
5. 'Roger, Wilco N Out'
6. 'Uncle Floyd'
7. 'Kitty's Real Groove'
8. 'My Fathers Smile'
9. 'McGown's Pass'
10. 'This Is My Town'
11. '6/8 Primate'
12. 'Good Bye N Good Nite'
13. 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' (Bonus CD Track)
[13. 'Hair of the Dog' (Bonus Digital Track Only]

Alongside Percy Jones, Walter Garces, and Grammy winner Neil Citron, Indie musician/producer Jon Pomplin also returns to the project. Featuring guest appearances from drummers Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot), Rodger Carter (John 5), and fretless bassist Robbie “Pag” Pagliari (Ohm), you can also add others such as Joan Fraley (The Rave), Justin Stone, Chris Colovas and Josh Greenbaum to the new creative mix.

The album, which begins in terrific style with the gentle guitar work combined with soft drum beat of 'Hello I'm Here' and backs that up with both the slightly, gently frenetic 'PCH' and then the drum-led 'Chipotle', continues the concept of bringing together friends from different genres, disciplines and physical locations, to create music with a unique personality that challenges each player’s technique and style.

Showcasing that drive, that passion, that energy perfectly, the album continues onward with the soaring 'Soul to Sole,' the longest track on the album at eight minutes, the playful 'Roger, Wilco N Out,' 'Uncle Floyd,' and then both the guitar rock out of 'Kitty's Real Groove' and the delicate finger plucking string work of 'My Fathers Smile.'

Pushing the edge of their musical “comfort zone” while remaining a true joy to play and listen to, Citron's chosen band of merry men come together as one on this new album in a way quite like I've not heard an ensemble within this genre do in a long time. The upbeat, driving, twisty 'McGown's Pass' is next and is backed by the vocal rocker 'This Is My Town, and then the evolutionary '6/8 Primate.'

Rounding the album out is the aptly entitled 'Good Bye N Good Nite,' but as a bonus on this beautiful Digipak with vinyl-look CD, we get 'I'll Be Home For Christmas.' Not available in Digital format, the track was originally recorded in 2013, but never officially released until now.

The original band plus this expanded circle of talent along with new technology have created a unique musical document of exploration. With platinum record sellers, Grammy winners, session players, songwriters and students, With N With Out reflects how great things are achieved when great minds come together.

BangTower @ Facebook