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Title - 'Penny Dreadful Seasons 2 & 3'
Artist - Abel Korzeniowski

‘Penny Dreadful’ was a highly-inventive series on Showtime that features some of literature’s most terrifying character, including Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, and other iconic figures from the novel Dracula that are lurking in the darkest corners of Victorian London. A psychological thriller at its heart, composer Abel Korzeniowski (born in Krakow, Poland) has written an incredible work of art to back their every move.

The series premiered on Showtime on May 11th, 2014, the first in an eight-episode season. However, after the third season finale on June 19th, 2016, series creator John Logan announced that Penny Dreadful had ended as the main story had reached its conclusion.

Here on the brilliant 2CD set of Penny Dreadful - Seasons 2 and 3 we get no less that 48 more original scores. Compositions that allow ‘Penny Dreadful’ (starring Timothy Dalton, Eva Green, Josh Harnett, etc.) to weave together the aforementioned classic horror origin stories into something that stands proudly alongside; and within the shadows when required.

Disc: 1 - 1. The Unquiet Grave (1:25) 2. Memento Mori (3:53) 3. Verbis Diablo (1:50) 4. Poison (5:51) 5. We Are Dangerous (2:19) 6. Vanessa's Dream (2:46) 7. Ethan's Waltz (1:26) 8. Until The Storm's Past (1:57) 9. The Cutwife of Ballentree Moor (3:41) 10. Joan Clayton (4:00) 11. Killing Sir Geoffrey Hawkes (2:59) 12. Dolls Have Hearts (4:44) 13. Melting Waltz (3:23) 14. Little Deceptions (:58) 15. Gossamer Tennis (1:18) 16. House Of Wax (1:58) 17. Weapon. Ritual. Superstition. (2:11) 18. Ghost Waltz (2:51) 19. Breaking The Spell (1:18) 20. Wallpapers (4:47) 21. Entering The Castle (2:26) 22. Coffins (2:25) 23. Know Your Master (6:04) 24. Little Scorpion (1:17) 25. Be True (3:57)

Disc: 2 - 1. The Master (2:44) 2. New Mexico (4:25) 3. Las Cruces (2:27) 4. Dr. Jekyll (2:26) 5. Madness (2:53) 6. Nocturnal Danger (2:10) 7. False Mirrors (2:14) 8. Guardian Angels (3:16) 9. Common Red Fox (3:03) 10. We Butcher Them (2:01) 11. Us And Our Kin (1:46) 12. Rejection (2:34) 13. Ethan Kills (3:33) 14. White Room (2:57) 15. One Day Soon (1:11) 16. Revelation (6:04) 17. House Of The Night Creatures (4:17) 18. Such Is Our Power, Such Is Our Kingdom (2:41) 19. All Light Will End (2:50) 20. Werewolves (2:14) 21. Let It End (6:43) 22. Boat to Africa (4:41) 23. Explorer's Club (Season One Bonus Track) (2:54)

As composer Abel Korzeniowski (‘W.E’, ‘A Single Man’) has himself said, “The themes of Penny Dreadful represent both different characters and abstract ideas,” and that is a brilliant way to sum up this lush work of musical art.

From the off, and the main title of season 2, ‘The Unquiet Grave,’ it’s obvious that the theme of ‘Penny Dreadful’ is one of a meaningful study of Victorian London. A study of dark beauty, something that can be terrifying and mesmerizing at the same time, such tracks as ‘The Cutwife of Ballentree Moore,’ ‘Melting Waltz,’ ‘Little Deceptions,’ and from the third season, opening composition ‘The Master’, 'We Butcher Them', 'Such Is Our Power', and both 'Werewolves' and the haunting 'Let It End', immediately pull you into the world where these characters exist.

One of the most unusual Gothic horror stories to hit TV since ‘American Horror Story,’ Korzeniowski’s soundtrack lingers long on the mind; long after you have stopped it playing!