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Title - Curved Air - 'Curved Space & Infinity'
Artist - Curved Air

A slight recap for those wishing to know more, is that the brilliant, uber talented Curved Air are a pioneering British progressive rock group formed in 1970 by musicians from mixed artistic backgrounds, including classical, folk, and electronic sound.

The resulting sound of the band was a mixture of progressive rock, folk rock, and fusion with classical elements. However, did you know that along with High Tide and East of Eden, Curved Air were one of the first rock bands after It's a Beautiful Day and The United States of America to feature a violin.

Indeed, Curved Air released eight studio albums (the first three of which broke the UK Top 20) and had a hit single with 'Back Street Luv' (1971) which reached #4 in the UK Singles Chart.

Over the following years the band broke up several times, they were even sued by their British label Chrysalis (1974), and with jail time hovering over them due to a HUGE tax bill owed, they just managed to pay that off also.

Curved Air, as a group were largely inactive for the next three decades but in 2008 founding members Sonja Kristina, Florian Pilkington-Miksa, Daryl Way and (briefly) Francis Monkman decided to get back together after a hiatus of 32 years. Over the next few years, the band went through a few personnel changes with signer Kristina and original drummer Pilkington-Miksa being the only original members left.

This revitalized the band, and in 2012 they released a brand new live album, Live Atmosphere. The new musicians that stepped in - guitarist Kit Morgan, bassist Chris Harris, keyboard player Robert Morton, and violinist Paul Sax - each now managed to put their very own signature styles on the CA music experience and for that they enhanced the band no end.

Whereas Live Atmosphere included potent new versions of many of the band's classic early 1970's repertoire, in 2016 they followed that up with The Curved Air Rarities Series Vol 1: Tapestry of Propositions. An hour long version of Propositions recorded live at fourteen different locations during 2013/2014, it is now itself followed up by Curved Space / Infinity, the second volume of the Cured Air Rarities Series. Indeed, as you can well imagine, both these albums, packaged together are a must-have for fans of the band and instrumental improvisational music.

Disc: 1 - 1. Towards Tomorrow 2. Sea of Tranquillity 3. Baghdad Cafe / Return to Calvary / Towards Infinity 4. Sol y Sombra 5. Harp Riff 6. Free Tibet 7. Blue Yonder Blues 8. Playing Away 9. Rose

Disc: 2 - 1. Elevation 2. Labyrinth 3. Expansions 4. Aphelion 5. Megalith 6. Celestial Dance

Released this past November 11th, 2016 via Cherry Red Records (UK), Curved Space & Infinity - The Curved Air Rarities Series, Volume 2 (to give it it's correct title) is yet another symphony of perfection from Curved Air. I mean, in truth, knowing this band, their music over the years, how could it possibly be anything other than greatness personified?

That said, we should mention that this instrumental double CD set is the only Curved Air release not to feature lead singer Sonja Kristina, but has been released with her full support and blessing. Indeed, the line-up on Curved Space, which was released before as Francis Monkman’s “Jam” but now features two previously unreleased bonus tracks, includes: Francis Monkman (guitar); Florian Pilkington-Miksa (drums); and Rob Martin (bass).

The line-up on Infinity, which are all-new 2016 studio recordings includes: Florian Pilkington-Miksa (drums); Kirby Gregory (guitar); and Robert Norton (keys).

Chock full of compositions that were created entirely in the moment and were genuinely inspired by what was around the artists at the time, with regard the name Infinity, it encapsulates the spirit of freedom with which the three artists approached the making of the album and the limitless possibilities of creating music in the moment. So, come one now, doesn't that just want to me you go run and buy this incredible 2CD work of musical art?

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