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Title - 'Sore'
Artist - Dilly Dally

For those of you out there that may not have heard of Dilly Dally, well, they began as a teenage dream shared by Katie Monks and Liz Ball. The duo shared a love for dreamy, grungy guitars, epic pop ballads, and began writing music together in their Toronto apartment soon thereafter.

In spring 2014, Dilly Dally self-­released their first single, entitled ‘Next Gold.’ The song has since received praise from Pitchfork, NME, and Brooklyn Vegan. It came from a collection of material the band recorded with producers Leon Taheny (Owen Pallett, Austra) and Josh Korody (Fucked Up, Greys) at Candle Studios.

Come 2015, and the band - together now with new bassist Jimmy Tony and drummer Ben Reinhartz - have brought us their debut album, Sore. The opening track is 'Desire' ("I'm comin' at you from against the world"), their second single off this incredible, passionate-to-the-core debut (out now via Partisan Records and Buzz Records). Opened by buzz saw guitars and a Grunge-laden, hunched shoulder-appeal count up, the track showcases perfectly what is going to follow.

Tracks such as the fast-paced 'Ballin' Chain,' the even faster-paced 'Snake Head' ("Man, this bitch is goin' crazy, she'll make you turn to stone") and both a song about a female's "healing hands", 'The Touch' and the guitar-led 'Next Gold' are all as raw as anything that went before; each one never letting the album's tone relax.

Singer/guitarist Katie Monks' voice is just something that we haven't heard in music for well over a decade - or more! Firmly rooted in Grunge, it also knows where the boundaries of rock appear, because whereas the former didn't (and subsequently went spiraling down), the latter means that a certain melodic hum is entwined within each track here on Sore.

The best song on the album, for my money, is 'Purple Rage,' a track that I can honestly listen to over and over. Encompassing everything that I paid mention to above, the track is just, well, simply put, stunning. The throbbing guitars, the high pitched synths, the female sexuality of the girls just ebbs and flows freely throughout. Simply put, it comes at you like ADHD kids brandishing knives!

They then slow things down with 'Get To You,' before cranking it up again with 'Witch Man,' and the jarring 'Green' ("I want you naked in my kitchen, making me breakfast"), before the album rounds out with the mid-tempo 'Ice Cream,' and then, finally, the piano ballad (yup, you heard me) 'Burned By The Cold' brings the affair to a close. But, hear me now, as this won't be the last you hear of this band, of that you have my word!

Dilly Dally @ Facebook