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Title - 'In The Name Of​.​.​. '
Artist - Unquiet Music Ltd

For those not in the know, Unquiet Music Ltd has released a new concept album entitled In The Name Of... (A Prayer For Our Times) which also features Trey Gunn of King Crimson, Markus Reuter of Stick Men and Frédéric L’Epée of Yang among others.

The overall spirit behind this album is rock ‘n’ roll - keeping a popular access to an uncompromised way of approaching things. However, it also has the ambition of providing something different for adventurous ears.

The styles of music used are diverse, and influences can be traced from concrete music, minimalism, ambient, electronic, progressive rock, and contemporary classical.

Having listened to is twice through now, a few obvious names can be cited as inspirations: Olivier Messiaen, Steve Reich, Arvo Pärt, Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Peter Gabriel, and John Zorn just to name but a few.

1. 'Anaerobic awakening' (6:03)
2. 'Feeling unity' (6:34)
3. 'Conditional cases' (10:16)
4. 'Monopolizing spaces' (5:59)
5. 'Producing symmetries' (4:25)
6. 'A sound of Now' (1:52)
7. 'A Mosaic return' (5:35)
8. 'A lullaby for Uma Devi' (3:54)
9. 'Another sound of Now' (2:56)
10. 'The introspection of Edward Maitland' (12:24)
11. 'Post-Epiphany' (8:59)

Comprised of four chapters, we open within The Father, and the first track being the sonically seductive 'Anaerobic awakening' which leads us seamlessly into the more alive, tingling atmospherics if 'Feeling unity,' which itself is then backed by one of the longest tracks at 10 minutes, the free flowing aural majesty of 'Conditional cases.'

We then glide into the second chapter, The Son, which opens with the prog rock opera-vibe of 'Monopolizing spaces,' which is backed by the late-'80s industrial, goth-lite, XTC-esque ebbing textures of 'Producing symmetries,' before the third chapter (The Holy Spirit) brings forth the short 'A sound of Now.'

The stuttered, crackly, in reverse radio tuning static of 'A Mosaic return' is up next and then we get the lush ambient echoes of 'A lullaby for Uma Devi,' with this chapter culminating on the fervent, statically, slipshod nature of 'Another sound of Now.'

The fourth, and final chapter is Amen, and it opens with the longest track on the album, the 12 minute opus that combines oh-so many different musical attributes that its form here under the guise of 'The introspection of Edward Maitland' is just organically masterful, and the entire project comes to a close on the atmospherically breathtaking, and highly meditative 'Post-Epiphany.'

“I’m glad that I live in a world where music and sound art like this are a reality. So much detail, a lifetime of creativity incorporated into an insane long-form opus. This is the musical place where ideas and idealism meet. You all should treat it with respect” - Markus Reuter.

“Fucking A! Great work. Super great. I wasn’t sure what to expect. But this exceeds anything I could have conceived of. Very, very classy. And very, very well composed! Everything in this work sounds like it could have come from another planet. An extra-terrestrial composition.” - Trey Gunn.

Official CD Purchase Link

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