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Ghost Canyon

Title - The Steve Perry Remaster Series
Artist - Steve Perry

The 1980's were undoubtedly characterized, in part, by the music of Journey. Rock anthems and power ballads were the mainstay of the band that turned out such memorable hits at "Separate Ways", "Don't Stop Believing", and (my favorite) "Faithfully". At the forefront of Journey's success was the man with the steely voice, Steve Perry.

"...Strange Medicine" has proven to be an absolute goldmine for Journey faithful captivated by Perry's voice. It provides one of those rare occassions where a listener can put the CD in and listen to it from beginning to end and not find a single track they don't like. Tributes to young love, inner strength, long journeys, and forgiveness all permeate this album. "...Strange Medicine" starts off in style with its lone radio release, "You Better Wait", a soaring cautionary anthem to a young girl starting out in life. Perry's magnificent voice, along with some spectacular guitar play, power this song to a level beyond what even Journey produced. "Young Hearts Forever" follows it with another wondrous song encouraging the embrace of young love. It simply must be experienced to understand how good this song is.

This man should be considered a national treasure! And this CD proves it. When I was first given it I was skeptical that it would have a lot of filler as most unreleased cuts really don't get releases for good reason. But then I saw the words "writing demo" and "demo" and my skepticism only grew. Notwithstanding my furrowed brow, I put it into the CD player, sat back and began my listening experience ... and it blew me away! If you are a true Journey fan, and still looking for additional Perry's fabulous tune check this album out. I mean, how can you go wrong with tracks such as 'Oh Sherrie,' 'Foolish Heart,' 'When You're In Love (For The First Time),' and 'Missing You'?! I mean, you just can't go wrong. I now listen to it every day in my car and I'm so happy I have this in my collection!

With Journey guitarist Neal Schon having done two solo albums with Jan Hammer and one with Sammy Hagar, Steve Perry decided that after Journey's Frontiers tour it was time for him to try a solo project. Street Talk is Steve Perry's solo debut. With Street Talk Steve Perry proves that he can be successful without Journey. While the band Perry has chosen is not as good as the members of Journey, Perry put together a great set of songs and a good band to perform them. 'Oh, Sherrie,' 'Foolish Heart,' 'Go Away,' 'Running Alone,' 'Captured by the Moment,' 'Mine all Mine,' etc.