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'Being Human: Season 3'
(Lenora Crichlow, Russell Tovey, Aidan Turner, Sinead Keenan, Philip Brook, et al / 3-Disc DVD / NR / 2011 / BBC Home Video)

Overview: Season three of Being Human starts with Mitchell the dashing vampire (Aidan Turner), George the goofy werewolf (Russell Tovey), and Annie the chipper ghost (Lenora Crichlow) - along with Nina, another werewolf, not so goofy (Sinead Keenan) - all moving to an abandoned, Hawaiian-themed bed-and-breakfast in Wales to avoid some trouble they'd gotten into back in Bristol. But trouble won't leave them alone!

DVD Verdict: Our little gang has been through a lot in a small amount of time. Annie vanished after the 2nd season and Mitchell has an idea on how to get her back. Before that, however, a little matter has to be dealt with. Apparently the madness that Mitchell and Diasy undertook then is now known as the BoxTunnel 20, attributing 20 deaths to the unknown. Mitchell and his mates move before more cna be established, and that leads to new things. More wolves, more vampires, a zombie, and some other surprises are in store, not to mention a little thing called Herrick and a Wolf-Shaped bullet. It gets interesting.

This season had a lot that a few didn't, and I think I like this development. In the beginning it was harder to plug into Annie and to Nina sometimes, but for different reasons. For men, Nina always seemed like a wrecking ball, and George always found himself under some debris she had pried loose. After the last season there was an opening, however, and the writers put her and George together in somewhat of a normal life. Other loves and relationships appear as well, and the house seems to have an energy to it. These cannot be left alone to develop, however, and things like a ghostly victim kind of cleach with a Boxtunnel killer.

Sometimes I am not a fan of complication, but I am that here.

Another beautiful thing is the addition of more supernatural. Two werewolves wander in and so do other vampires, and even a zombie. The way they come in is nice, too, and I like some of the things brought out by them. Before, every idea of the supernatural focused on the three housemates. You got some people in a pressure cooker of sorts, and you got some people trying out things that were ghostly - etc. This is different. While the zombie is a direct relation to something that happens, not everyone is. Some of the vampires simply exist, the wolves are, and so on. Couple this with some angry spirits and you understand a bunch.

The stories are, mostly, the best the series has had. When the idea of Annie is produced to the stuff between George and Nina, it was exciting. Even Karen and Herrick and other things oyu knew were coming do not come straight at you. It's nice and its fun. You see a lot of things behind the proverbial walls, showing you more of that world. Since all of them living together would be a new experience, it is interesting to watch - although some characters seem to think they are above their prospective curses.

If I were going to note one real problem, I might say that I did not like the ending and Mitchell in it. I know this builds him and shows his want to be humanlike, but he went a long way. Granted, he is damaged and feels damned but he is only so self-destructive. Otherwise, he would not have gone 90 years or more. That said, it all does connect the roomies more, but the things that are said note how things will always be different. In some ways, I thought this was a little off.

If you want special features, you get a little from the set but not a lot. You basically have some talk, some deleted scenes, and a few things that are not that important - like trailers. Still, I liked the series a lot and am judging this on the notion that it is the show and how good it looks, not extra material, that matters! [ML] This is a Full Screen Presentation (1.33:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the Special Features of:

Deleted Scenes
Extended Interviews
Sinead's Set Tour