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Final Gravity

'Black Sabbath: The End'
(Black Sabbath / DVD+CD / NR / 2017 / Eagle Vision Entertainment)

Overview: 'The End', to be released on November 17th, 2017, captured the final destination of that adventure – an unforgettable farewell show at the Genting Arena in Black Sabbath’s hometown of Birmingham.

DVD Verdict: For those not in the know, although they must rank in the far and few between, Black Sabbath are an English rock band, formed in Birmingham in 1968, by guitarist and main songwriter Tony Iommi, bassist and main lyricist Geezer Butler, singer Ozzy Osbourne, and drummer Bill Ward.

Indeed, Black Sabbath are often cited as pioneers of heavy metal music. The band helped define the genre with releases such as Black Sabbath (1970), Paranoid (1970) and Master of Reality (1971). The band had multiple line-up changes, with Iommi being the only constant member throughout its history.

And so, and almost five decades ago, the toll of a bell and rolling thunder marked the conception of an ear splittingly monolithic riff. In that moment, Black Sabbath and the sound of Heavy Metal were forged. The band embarked on what Ozzy describes as the most incredible adventure you could think of, a journey that would go on to define a genre.

The End is a celebration of Black Sabbath's final hometown concert at Birmingham's Genting Arena on February 4th, 2017. This unforgettable farewell show from one of the biggest bands in the world will be released by Eagle Vision on November 17th, 2017.

With a hit packed set list including 'Iron Man', 'Paranoid', 'War Pigs', and many more, the high production values, visual effects, and pyrotechnics wowed fans, as the band delivered the most emotionally charged show in their history.

1. 'Black Sabbath'
2. 'Fairies Wear Boots'
3. 'Under The Sun / Every Day Comes And Goes'
4. 'After Forever'
5. 'Into The Void'
6. 'Snowblind'
7. Band Intros
8. 'War Pigs'
9. 'Behind The Wall Of Sleep'
10. 'Bassically / N.I.B.'
11. 'Hand Of Doom'
12. 'Supernaut / Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Megalomania'
13. 'Rat Salad / Drum Solo'
14. 'Iron Man'
15. 'Dirty Women'
16. 'Children Of The Grave'
17. 'Paranoid'

Extras [+ CD Tracklisting]:
The Angelic Sessions
1. 'The Wizard'
2. 'Wicked World'
3. 'Sweet Leaf'
4. 'Tomorrow's Dream'
5. 'Changes'

Featuring Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar) and Geezer Butler (bass), with Tommy Clufetos (drums) and Adam Wakeman (keyboards / guitar), watching The End unfold from 'Black Sabbath' on through to 'Paranoid', I have to admit, and even though I'm a fan of Ozzy's work, that I was expecting a shambolic disaster of a vocal and stage performance from him.

I couldn't have been more wrong, for as much as Ozzy still shuffles his way around, still mumbles certain lyrics (didn't he always though?), and even seems to get lost in thought in between guitar solos, Ozzy and his band of merry, dark-hearted me are in sparkling form here.

Sure, Ozzy's vocals that made those heavy metal classics sound the way they did in 1970 onward aren't as piqued as they are now, but that's what happens when you splurge of drugs and alcohol for 40 plus years, once can only assume. But the fact that here throughout this last ever show, his vocals are just close enough to the originals to have everyone baying for the show to go on and on and on each time a song ends, well, that says a lot for the great man.

Tony Iommi, as always, is a genuine master at his craft and brings forth an endless procession of heavily psychedelic, and dark blues. Indeed, the way his creates these so-might-call "sinister" sounds not only showcases what he can do, but resonate with the entire crowd; given that they embody the work of Black Sabbath as stand alone, not lyrics required melodies.

His work, in my humble opinion, is brought to the fore best on such classics as the lumbering 'Iron Man', '“Children of the Grave', and the excellent 'War Pigs.' That said, as Iommi travels through his dark riff journey on 'Dirty Women,' you'll notice Ozzy just starring at him, a grin on his face, his eyes alive and in as much wonderment of pleasure as the rest of us.

The other founding member here on this last ever date on their farewell tour is bassist Geezer Butler. A man whose own ownership of his bass guitar means he completes this trio of musical warriors perfectly. His own stand alone moment comes when introducing 'N.I.B.' as his brilliantly displays bass work that rivets you to his work like deer caught in headlights.

A shout out through to Adam Wakeman (keyboards / guitar) and Tony Clufetos, the latter who took over from original drummer Bill Ward when he left the band in 2012. Sure he's no Ward, who is when it comes to Black Sabbath, but his presence in the band on this tour is not only warranted but steadies the whole ship with a massive backbone to work from.

An incredible performance to see here on DVD, let alone to have been there that very same historic night, 'Black Sabbath: the End' is one of the best metal / rock concerts of I've seen in the past decade. So, knowing they have gone out on a high note, and knowing that Motley Crue did much the same thing earlier this year, and knowing that both a-ha and Cher said goodbye and yet came back (when the money was offered), perhaps this might not be "the end" for Black Sabbath live, after all.

Oh, and all visual formats feature special bonus material of the band playing a selection of their favorite songs not played on tour. These intimate live sessions at Angelic Studios were recorded in the days after their final live performance.

As Tony Iommi himself has since said, "Because it was Birmingham, it was a special night for us. It was great to look out and know that all these people have come to see us. What a great feeling. There’s nothing like it”.

Also, you should know that Eagle Vision will not only release the full live show on (this) DVD+CD, Blu-ray+CD, double CD, triple 180gm vinyl, but that there will also be an incredible, and highly limited edition Deluxe Collector’s Edition!

A limited number of exclusive merchandise bundles are also available at, but this limited edition Deluxe Collector’s Edition contains:

'The End' on DVD and Blu-ray
'The End' on double CD
The Angelic Sessions on CD (all housed in gatefold card sleeves)
A 32-page perfect bound book on heavyweight stock
A metal Winged Demon pin badge
A replica The End tour laminate
3 Plectrums (all housed in a DVD-height two piece rigid mirror board box)

This is a Widescreen Presentation (1.78:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs.

'Black Sabbath - The End' [DVD+CD] Purchase Link

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