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6 Degrees Entertainment

'Bat Pussy' [Blu-ray]
(Unknown / Blu-ray / R / (1973) 2017 / MVD Visual)

Overview: Bat Pussy, a female superhero, defends Gotham City from a middle-aged couple making a pornographic film.

Blu-ray Verdict: Considered to be the first porn parody, 'Bat Pussy' is the no-fi sexploitation messterpiece of your wildest dreams. And also your most horrifying nightmares. The unidentified lunatic filmmakers have never been located, providing further proof that this movie was most likely made by extraterrestrials!

So, how does it all cum together, I hear you grown. Well, whenever the citizens of Gotham City are under attack by smut filmmakers of any kind, Bat Pussy is the only one that can help! Bat Pussy (aka Dora Dildo) is just hanging out in her secret headquarters (aka an outhouse) day and night, but when her "twat begins to twitch" (!) the warning signal alerts her instantly to an imminent crime.

So Bat Pussy hops on her Holy Hippity-Hop to foil the grotesque sex schemes of, in this case, un-happily married couple Buddy and Sam!

Debuting on Blu-ray in mid-November, 2017, this cult movie - which now has a brand new 2K scan - may well be the world's first sexploitation parody, but it also had the foresight (even in 1973) to include a semi-serious spoken and written warning to any of those viewers dropping in by accident!

Once she gets the call, the scenes of Bat Pussy bouncing her way way up the side of the highway on her bright red hopper are both hilarious and yet excruciatingly D-movie-esque. Which, to be fair, was a level the filmmakers knew they started out at and had not too many high hopes of climbing much higher, one assumes.

Also seeing her stop for a squat pee by the side of a river is pretty outlandish also. Accompanied by some hippty-hoppity, bounce-along music for her hopper journeys (how she ever gets anywhere on time is beyond me though!), Bat Pussy arrives always in the nick of time to stop the porn actual getting, well, interesting!

Oddly fascinating, always a joke within a joke, and some of the chessiest lines you'll ever listen to, 'Bat Pussy' has to be seen to be believed. Written, filmed and produced in an era where anything went, and backed by some in style seedy music, actress "Dora Dildo" gives everything she's got in the role of Bat Pussy.

As for the un-happily married couple, Buddy and Sam, who are trying to make a porn film, to start with they are hardly porn star material, but it was the early '70s where anyone willing to film porn was greeted with applause by the horny masses! That said, no penetration gets underway and all they seem to try out are various oral techniques that look more like feeding time at the zoo!

Nobody is actually recognized throughout the Blu-ray though, actor wise, and not even the filmmakers or the producers get name checked, but that's ok as it's just one of those films that once it is all over 55 minutes later, you just want to hit play on all over again regardless! This is a Full Screen presentation (1:33.1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and come with the Special Features of:

New 2K scan from the only surviving 16mm theatrical print!
Commentary track with Lisa Petrucci and Tim Lewis of Something Weird!
Crime-smut trailers and shorts from the Something Weird vault!
Liner notes by Lisa Petrucci and Mike McCarthy, the savior of BAT PUSSY!
Bonus movie: ROBOT LOVE SLAVES, scanned in 2K from an original theatrical print!
Double-sided cover art with illustration by Johnny Ryan!

'Bat Pussy' [Blu-ray] will be available for purchase on November 14th, 2017.

'Bat Pussy' [Blu-ray] Purchase Link

'Bat Pussy' - Official Trailer