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6 Degrees Entertainment

'Blue & White Stories'
(Various / 4-Disc DVD / NR / 2015 / SISU Home Entertainment)

Overview: 4 of Israel's Hilarious Cops & Robbers Features on 4 DVDs: Big Shot$; Max & Morris; She's Got it; Clean Sweep. Bumbling criminals, double-crossing robbers and lovers who just can't be trusted are at the heart of these dark comedies. They're all planning crimes... but will their crimes pay? Find out in these 4 cult favorites!

DVD Verdict: Directed by Jacob Goldwasser, and written by Haim Marin, 'Max & Morris' (aka 'Max V'Morris') is a 1994 Comedy/Crime/Musical film of the highest order. Uri Gavriel stars as Max, with Moshe Ivgy as Morris, and together these best friends and big loser come up with a half-baked plan to rob a local criminal named "The Sleaze." But, of course, everything goes wrong, because everyone else - including Morris' own girlfriend - are also plotting to grab the loot in this wacky comedy. [Special Feature: Behind The Scenes Featurette.]

Goldwasser has directed movies such as 'Me'ever Layam', released in 1992, 'Mitahat La'af' (1982), 'Ein La Elohim' (2007), and 'Abba Ganuv' in 1987, but for my money, this underrated 1994 gem is the jewel in the crown. It's also important to know that Dafna Rechter (who plays Bella) and Jacob Goldwasser have also collaborated on 'Me'ever Layam', released in 1992. This info is good because it shows that a) actors like to re-act with Goldwasser, and b) that having worked together, it shows in the smoothness of Rechter's work here on screen. 'Max & Morris' also features Alon Neuman, Eli Yatzpan, Orna Banai, and Salim Dau.

'Big Shot$' is up next and is once again directed by Goldwasser. Basically, it is a very wild Israeli tragicomedy, as they say! Uri Gavriel, Moshe Ivgy, Zadok Zarum and Jocko Arkin star in a film that bring us four moronic, but very lucky petty crooks who steal a safe full of cash from a police station! They suddenly face an unexpected problem though: what to do with all that money without raising the cops' suspicion.

So, can this quartet of idiots lay low long enough for the heat to pass, or will their imprudence lead the law straight to their door? [Special Features: Featurette - Excerpt from TV Show, Commentary Track with director Jacob Goldwasser and stars, Moshe Ivgy & Uri Gavriel.]

In the last of the Goldwasser-directed movies in this 4-Disc set, 'She's Got It,' a Jewish housewife living in Israel's economically depressed Negev Desert plans to open her own business when faced with the closure of the local textile plant that employs the entire town. With the help of a few close friends, she throws caution to the wind and begins raising the funds needed to secure her family's financial independence.

Being a true fan of Israel's dramatic film industry, for a small country, they produce a gem of a film almost every year. This was the one for 2007. Furthermore, the Israeli film industry isn't afraid to portray the "other" side of Israeli life and culture. [Special Features: Trailer, Photo Gallery.]

The last film is 'Clean Sweep,' directed this time by Oded Davidoff, brings us a clever romantic thriller about a policewoman who decides revenge is a dish best served now after she learns that her married boss and lover doesn't love her. Every turn brings fresh surprises until an unexpected ending, trust me, and features a clever plot with comic twists; and, for once, a kinda sorta "happy ending" - of sorts! A must see for the foreign film lover. [Special Features: Subtitle Control: English, Hebrew or None, Behind-The-Scenes Video Clips (Hebrew Only).]

These are a mixture of both Widescreen and Full Screen Presentations (4x3) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the Special Features listed above.