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'Batman Vs. Robin' [Blu-ray+DVD+Digital HD]
(Blu ray + DVD + Gift Set / NR / 2015 / Warner Bros.)

Overview: When Batman finds himself under attack by his own son, Damian (aka Robin), he at first suspects the hand of Ra's Al Ghul behind the treachery, butt hen comes to see that the boy may be controlled by a mysterious and murderous society known as the Court of Owls.

Blu ray Verdict: For those familiar with this whole animated Batman landscape, you will most probably also know that 'Batman Vs. Robin' focuses, primarily, on the story of the Court of Owls - which have a long history with the Wayne family. That said, what doesn't get caught up in that storytelling is the backdrop of Bruce's relationship problems with his son, Damian - and Damian not being allowed to make his own choices in life.

In truth, the story line of the Court of Owls was a terrifying and gruesome one in the graphic novel (Night of The Owls) that I read, but here in the animated series, well, not so much. Also, as we progress through the movie, we quickly discover that the local city museum has something that no other museum in the world (I'd like to bet) has - an entire wing dedicated to, yup, you've guessed it already, owls! And so cue all manner of owl-themed assassins who are hell bent on destroying the joint; and Batman therein!

'Batman Vs. Robin' - a sequel to 'Son of Batman' - is one of those movies that you will either love (as a Fan Boy) or hate (as a detached-from-all-animated movies person). The fact that the movie actually features four Batman voice actors: Jason O'Mara Kevin Conroy Jeremy Sisto and Troy Baker doesn't really detach from the movie, although you can tell the slight changes in tone, inflection if you are paying full attention. Oh, and fun fact: Weird Al Yankovic is cast here as The Dollmaker!

In closing, and just like most "real life" movies of this ilk, 'Batman Vs. Robin' is typical for its ending battle scene. One that turns into a big ol' fight that just keep expanding punch after kick after punch! True that it does manage, thankfully, to neatly wrap up all the loose ends, but still, come on now, did we really need to punch each other silly to get to the "revealing" finale guys?! [FYI: The pass-code used by Bruce to lock Damian's Sai is 1939. 1939 is the year that Batman made his debut in Detective Comics #27.] This is a Limited Edition Gift Set (this one came with a Batman action figure!) and is both a Blu ray + DVD Widescreen Presentation (1.77:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs, and comes with the Special Features of:

Gotham City's Secret:
The Mythic Court of Owls Featurette
The Talons of the Owls Featurette
'Batman Vs. Robin' Audio Commentary
From the DC Comics Vault - 4 Bonus Cartoons

A Sneak Peek at DC Universe's Next Animated Movie: 'Justice League: Gods & Monsters'

Own it on Blu-ray™ Combo, DVD & Digital HD April 14th!