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'Dalziel & Pascoe: Season 10'
(Warren Clarke, Colin Buchanan, et al / 2-Disc DVD / NR / 2014 / BBC Video)

Overview: Season Ten sees the endearing duo travel to Amsterdam for a European Police Conference. Over the next six days Dalziel's life is turned upside down. Finding himself on the wrong side of the law, he becomes the prime suspect for the murder of a young British singer. And that's just one of the five (5) mysteries contained on this new DVD set.

DVD Verdict: Again, I love this TV show, please believe me! It is over after 12 seasons now in the UK, but I even catch the early days reruns whenever they are on TV - and knowing whodunnit I love it that much regardless! It's the banter between DS Andy Dalziel - and pronounced Day-el - (the brilliant Warren Clarke), and his DI, Peter Pascoe (Colin Buchanan). Sure their sleuthing is systematic, but the way they get there - sometimes, quite literally round the houses - is astoundingly well worked.

In the first episode, 'Houdini's Ghost,' a retired entrepreneur Pal Maclean is found dead, his face shot to pulp with a rifle apparently operated by a string tied to his toe, in a room locked from the outside of his former, now uninhabited residence. A nice how-did-he-do-it mystery for us all to work out, it also seems that Dalziel is slimmer, Pascoe is fatter! Which is actually brought up by Dalziel to Pascoe in a later episode! there's a subplot, but that get buried here to quickly, sadly.

In 'Glory Days,' Wetherton Wanderers Football Club's celebrations for topping the Premiership are short-lived when their bus crashes into a train, with devastating results. An obvious set up by the bus driver, the questions suddenly become murder inquiries. It also involves a family at odds with each other and who are hiding a deep, dark secret too! A stark death is unexpected and it seems even though he is of a lower rank to Dalziel, Pascoe can say anything to his boss / friend.

In 'Wrong Place, Wrong Time,' Dalziel and Pascoe go to Amsterdam for a police conference. On the night of their arrival it already goes wrong, when the men lose each other. The next morning Dalziel finds himself into a room, next to him a very dead girl! Arrested, released on bail, Dalziel knows he was set up but why, and by whom? So, he goes on the run to prove his own innocence whilst Pascoe is joined by two other members of their UK squad who want to help. The subplot here is what you would expect given the locale, and ties into the main plot perfectly, of course.

In 'Guardian Angel,' Wetherton's domestic bliss is rocked when housewife, Susan Goodman, is murdered while doing her weekly shopping. Lethal chemical, teltroxin, is the cause of death and Susan's demise is soon followed by that of Angela Veitch. It seems a health retreat called Arcadia is the nerve center for the trouble, but will the leader (Stephen Tompkinson - 'DCI Banks') be forthcoming? In truth, I fell asleep on and off here as the story meanders, but the ending is good enough.

In the final episode, 'A Death in the Family,' when a transit depot is robbed of 600,000 in used banknotes, the thieves left one thing behind: a dead security guard. The dead man, Dave Compton, was a former police officer who was sacked 5 years previously when marijuana was found in his police locker. But a rich group of young owners / dwellers seem to be in the thick of it and have their own personal issues to seemingly deal with and air also. As Pascoe says to Dalziel midway through, "If you want to catch a fish, you have to first stir the water." True enough, my friend. True enough. This is a Widescreen Presentation (1.78:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs.