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Formel Guitar Repair

'Alice Cooper - Live at Montreux, 2005'
(DVD / NR / (2005) 2006 / Eagle Rock)

Overview: Alice Cooper’s live shows are legendary for their sense of rock theater and sheer visual spectacle. This latest addition to our range of titles from the renowned Montreux Festival catches Alice Cooper at his very best. Underpinning the visual assault has always been a collection of some of the best rock songs around delivered by one of the all-time great frontmen. This show includes tracks from across his career right up to most recent album 'Dirty Diamonds,' and incorporating all the classics you would expect.

DVD Verdict: This DVD/CD release was a suprise for me as I'm usually right on top of all of Alice's releases! But what a great suprise. Nearly 40 years of Shock rock and this man shows no signs of slowing. My first thought was, "Oh God, don't pull a Dio with a Holy Diver Live", in which Alice's fellow rock Icon really showed his wear and tear. Alice on the other hand, blew this idea out of the water, and now has shown his durability. This collection is again a great mix of his new material from his newest albums "Dirty Diamonds" and "The Eyes of Alice Cooper", but also blends in all of the favorites. I don't have anything to complain about with this album, just the usual "we want more" that everyone comes out with. There is no downfall, except perhaps the only songs that don't sound all that great are suprisingly 'Welcome To My Nightmare' which is rearanged to a strange way, and 'The Black Widow' is again only an instrumental followed by a drum solo from Eric Singer that I didn't find impressive! I mean the tune is rockin' and sounds good, but they did the same thing on the last DVD, and this time around they didn't even sing along with it! Maybe it's me, but Eric Singers' drum solos kinda put me to sleep! Suprisingly, I think this is the first release from Alice live that doesn't include 'Elected'!? Anyway, it never ceases to amaze me how he can put together a show of new and old songs and make it seem like they have been that way for years. This is a great collection, but I also strongly recommend his 'Brutal Planet Live' collection as well (my personal favorite). I have had the pleasure of seeing him live, but if you haven't, get this collection (or any of his others) and every time you will not be disappointed, you'll be right there for the show. Oh yeah, and the DVD also comes with a 19-song CD that features the best cuts from the same show! This is a Full Screen Presentation and comes with the Special Features of a second CD of live music from the show!