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'Bambi' (Two-Disc Diamond Edition Combo)
(Animation / Blu ray+DVD / G / (1942) 2011 / Walt Disney)

Overview: For the first time ever, the wonder, music and majesty of one of Walt Disney's greatest triumphs comes alive in glorious detail through the magic of Blu-ray high definition! Now Bambi, Walt Disney's beloved coming-of-age story, will thrill a new generation of fans with its breathtakingly beautiful animation, soaring music and characters who will touch your heart-Bambi, the wide-eyed fawn, his playful pal Thumper, the loveable skunk Flower and wise Friend Owl. Plus, all-new immersive game and special features that reveal the extraordinary creative process behind the making of this timeless classic take you deeper into Bambi's world than ever before.

Blu ray Verdict: OK, I (like most, I would imagine) have seen this film as a little kid many times. When Disney released it's 2-disc DVD version, of course I wanted to own it. But as time goes by, these DVDs get lost to the point where all you have left are the special features disc (the disc that some kids have no interest in as it does not contain the movie) and the case.

Recently I even came across the VHS version of this movie. But of course the tape broke right after the movie finished! BUT, and thank you big guy upstairs, there is now this FANTASTIC Two-Disc Diamond Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo in Blu-ray release!

And, as for the actual (cute) storyline, Spring comes around and a new "young prince" arrives in the thicket. When Bambi learns how to walk, he follows Thumper, learning a few new words along the way. At first when he learns how to say "Bird", a butterfly attracts his attention, then he calls it a bird.

When Bambi goes to the meadow, he learns of MAN, and it causes Bambi and his mother to flee to the thicket. As winter comes around, Bambi and his mother have to strip bark from trees for food.

During the beginning of spring, Bambi and his mother find new grass in the meadow, but unfortunately MAN comes. Bambi is told to run back to the thicket and not look back. Bambi reaches the thicket and his mother does not arrive.

The next spring that comes, Bambi is full-grown along with Thumper and Flower (a skunk). Friend Owl tells the trio about how everyone is twitterpaited since it is springtime and tells them about it. But slowly Thumper and Flower get "twitterpated" and leave Bambi to find his childhood friend, Faline.

Bambi has to fight off another deer trying to get to Faline. Bambi also saves Faline from a group of hunting dogs. MAN's camp causes a big forest fire that all the forest animals have to escape to an island to keep from the flames. At the end, two new deer arrive at the thicket.

Those who like the movie will want to watch it again and again. Featuring a wonderful, truly detailed restoration, 'Bambi' has never looked better on Blu ray/DVD. Like many films of the era 'Bambi' was shot on nitrate stock which disintegrates fairly rapidly over time - so the miracle here is that it looks as good as it does (due to careful care) and the magic of digital technology. [AK] This is a Full Screen Presentation (1.33:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the Special Features of:

Features Disney Enhanced High Definition Picture and Sound
Disney's Second Screen - Content comes alive on your laptop, or iPad as you watch the movie.
Disney View - 16x9 Full frame viewing experience
Intro by Diane Disney Miller
Inside Walt's Story Meetings - Enhanced interactive edition
Two never-before-seen deleted scenes
Deleted song
Blu-ray interactive galleries
Game: Disney Big Book of Knowledge
Classic DVD bonus features