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Cherry Pop

Title - 'Duran Duran' (2 CD Deluxe Edition with DVD)
Artist - Duran Duran

When it comes to early 80's music, (Synth-pop, Electro-rock, Alternative and New Wave) you can't go past Duran Duran's first self-titled album...what a gem. Back in 1981 when I was a young lad, and still finding my own musical ears so-to-speak, I heard on the radio a song called `Planet Earth'. I thought it was brilliant, I couldn't hear enough of it. For me `Planet Earth' was my song for 1981, it was a great sound (and still is after all these years).

The album only has 9 songs, as opposed to nowadays where CD's can be between 17-24 songs (depending on their length). Listening to the album really takes me back to those years in the early 1980's (as opposed to now), it has that feel and flavour untouched by today's standards of music-and rightly so.

The whole album can be said to be a time capsule of the then `Romantic Movement' in music (Duran Duran were generally considered part of this new music genre, with other like-style bands such as Spandau Ballet, Japan, ABC and the Human League which come to mind). The album reached number 3 in the UK Top 20, and its music is freshly innocent, with great synthesizer sounds and drum beats with a touch of ambience (listen to Tel Aviv) to break the difference.

My favorite songs and no surprise here are: `Sound of Thunder', `Planet Earth' their first single that climbed the UK charts Top 20 at number 12, `Careless Memories', their second single which only managed to stay at number 37, (I don't know why? Depending on your mood, it is a dark song) and that notorious song `Girls on Film', their third single which was the one that caused a real sensation, (what an understatement) the song went to number 5 in the UK charts, before that infamous video of the song was even filmed. Featuring in the video were various topless women doing their thing in different situations in a boxing-type kind of arena, you need to see the video to understand what I mean (enough said).

From this album onwards Duran Duran have matured in mind and music their second album `Rio' I feel is a transitional phase for their future musical endeavours and influences-and that shows. The group have proven they are versatile with the changing tides and time, and that's why they are still around today.

And so to this 2010 remaster. CD1 is their original 1981 debut album. CD2 is packed full of previously unreleased material including: The AIR Studios versions, The Manchester Square Demos, BBC Radio 1 Peter Powell session and Night Versions of Planet Earth & Girls on Film.

The PAL DVD includes Original Videos plus previously unreleased versions of TOTP, Old Grey Whistle Test, Get Set For Summer and Multi-Coloured Swap Shop footage.

Specially packaged in a clamshell box with lift off lid & includes an 8 page booklet, 5 postcards of individual band shots plus a collectors folded poster that was used in Japanese original LP. 42 tracks. [PK]