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Cherry Pop

Title - 'Five Star [Deluxe Edition]' (Cherry Pop)
Artist - Five Star

Five Star (sometimes known as/written as simply 5 Star) are a British pop/R&B group from the UK. Formed in 1983 they comprised of siblings Stedman, Lorraine, Deniece, Doris and Delroy Pearson. Known for their flamboyant image, matching costumes and heavily choreographed dance routines, Five Star were the darlings of the UK charts and achieved a string of Top 40 singles and albums in between 1985 and 1988.

And so now, after an incredible 23 years of waiting the powers that be have released the long-awaited official UK release of their self-titled 1990 album. Because, and I never knew this until I did my homework, the album was only released in the United States where sales were poor in comparison to earlier releases. The UK release of the album was scrapped after the two lead singles, 'Treat Me Like A Lady' and 'Hot Love,' both failed to make the Top 40. Hence, the album was later made available to UK fans on import only with the Japanese edition of the album featuring two extended mixes of the singles 'Hot Love' and 'Treat Me Like A Lady'.

Indeed, this now official 2-CD collection features the ten original album tracks plus four essential bonus tracks on disc one. Disc two features ten versions (!) of the single 'Treat Me Like A Lady' (which include four previously unavailable Shep Pettibone's 12" remixes) and three versions of the 'Hot Love' single.

Side One kicks off with 'Treat Me Like A Lady' (US 7" Version), before heading into 'Hot Love,' 'I Can Show You Love,' 'Feelings,' and then both 'Feel Much Better' and 'I'm Still Waiting.' Listening to this album today, it's fair to say that virtually every Five Star CD and compilation that there has been has always contained bouncy, vibrant, fun songs. This album is no exception and as much as it wasn't a huge success there isn't a bad song on here, trust me.

With a set of songs that all still sounding fresh today, they continue onwards with 'That's The Way I Like It,' 'Lost In You,' 'Tienes Mi Amour' and bring the original album home with 'What About Me Baby?' This new expanded CD then adds the terrific bonus tracks of 'Don't Stop,' 'Act One (7" Version),' 'Treat Me Like A Lady (Tough Mix),' and 'Hot Love (Full Rub 12").

Side Two, as I still like to call it, is weirdly chock full of (nearly) the same damn song! And it has to be said that after the fourth extended, remastered, expanded remix of 'Treat Me Like A Lady' you are about done with ever hearing the song again! So, instead of listing all the subtitles for each version, just trust me here that Shep Pettibone's magic sprinkling of fairy dust make them as fun to listen to today as they were back then.

After those ten (10) variations on a theme we get three (3) versions of 'Hot Love,' that include an Extended Mix, an Instrumental and a Bonus Rub (!). Oh, and just so you know, Five Star are newly reformed and are celebrating their 30th anniversary! And this new CD booklet contains comprehensive sleeve notes, including a brand new interview with Five Star's Doris Pearson.