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Formel Guitar Repair

Title - 'Shine [Special Edition]' (Cherry Pop)
Artist - Five Star

Five Star (sometimes known as/written as simply 5 Star) are a British pop/R&B group from the UK. Formed in 1983 they comprised of siblings Stedman, Lorraine, Deniece, Doris and Delroy Pearson. Known for their flamboyant image, matching costumes and heavily choreographed dance routines, Five Star were the darlings of the UK charts and achieved a string of Top 40 singles and albums in between 1985 and 1988.

And so now, 22 years after its intended release Five Star's final album Shine has had its long-awaited official UK release as a special edition album! Because, and I never knew this until I did my homework, Shine was released in 1991 in the US only, where sales were poor. And so the album was made available on import to the UK only since its day of creation!

Indeed, the album's title track, 'Shine,' was released as a single in the UK, although it failed to chart. It reached #91 in the US though. That said, and more interestingly, initially the tracks recorded for this album were to form the basis for lead singer Denise's solo album! Who, byt this time in her career, had weirdly changed the spelling from Deniece to Denise! However, the rest of the band later contributed to the album and so it became a Five Star album.

Anyway, moving on and this single CD special edition set features the ten original album tracks plus six bonus track versions of the title single 'Shine'. Indeed, given that it was never released in the UK, most all of these tracks are appearing on CD for the very first time!

Side One kicks off with 'Shine,' before heading into 'Come To Me (For Love),' 'Some Kind Of Magic,' 'Love Can't Wait,' and then 'The Love You Bring To Me.' Knowing that Five Star were the youngest act to top the album chart (with the millionseller Silk & Steel), just makes hearing these deliciously-crafted pop songs all the more enjoyable. They fully deserved to win Top British Group in Smash Hits magazine (UK) and at the 1987 Brit Awards.

The album then continues on with 'Right Over,' 'The Start Of Forever,' 'I Really Did It This Time,' and then both 'Sentimental' and 'Save A Place In Your Heart For Me.' All songs that still sound fresh today, the bonus tracks - all various remixes and extended versions of 'Shine' - are nice to hear, but come the fourth time around can have you hitting the skip button!

Oh, and just so you know, Five Star are newly reformed and are celebrating their 30th anniversary! The CD booklet contains comprehensive sleeve notes, including interviews with several contributing songwriters Michael Jay, Marva King and Zac Harmon and, a brand new exclusive interview with Five Star's Doris.