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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - 'New York at Dawn: Expanded Edition' (Cherry Pop)
Artist - Elbow Bones and the Racketeers

In truth, and to most people's musical recollections of back in the day, Elbow Bones and the Racketeers only ever had one hit single - called 'A Night in New York.' Written by Ron Rogers and Deborah Clarkin, Elbow Bones and the Racketeers was an American big band-era styled male/female vocal group, created by August Darnell aka Kid Creole (and the Coconuts).

The single spent five weeks in the top 40 in early 1984 as well as reaching #24 in the Dance charts in the States. Bssically, Elbow Bones and the Racketeers was lyricist Debbie Clarkin, Frank `Pago Pago' Passalacqua' and lead singer Gichy Dan. Additional musicians include the Coconuts Carol Coleman, Ken Fradely and Lee Robertson. It was an album chock full of 1940's-esque big band and 80's dance beats that (kinda) also reflected the vibe that Creole/Darnell was also putting out, so quite why he chose to create this pseudonym project is beyond many people/fans.

That said, it is a fabulously frantic album of great songs and toe-tappin', hip-shakin' melodies! Just about every track is a winner, no fillers here as lead off track 'A Night In New York' opens the door to other such rich songs as 'Happy Times,' 'Happy Birthday, Baby,' 'I Got You' and the brilliant 'You Got Me High.' So, it has to be said that if you liked with Dr Buzzard's Original Savannah Band and/or Kid Creole and the Coconuts, you will LOVE this one-off album!

This newly-expanded album, now housed in a deluxe super jewel case, comes with the original 10 songs plus adds six more bonus tracks to the mix. Along with that the new liner notes include a brand new and exclusive interview with August Darnell (Kid Creole) himself! The complete new tracklisting is as follows:

1. A Night In New York
2. Other Guys
3. Happy Times
4. Our Love Will Always Stand
5. Happy Birthday, Baby
6. Mama s In Love Again
7. I Got You
8. I Call It Like I See It
9. I Belong To You
10. You Got Me High
11. A Night In New York (12'' Version) (Bonus Track)
12. Happy Birthday, Baby (Extended Version) (Bonus Track)
13. Happy Times (Extended Version) (Bonus Track)
14. I Wanna Remind You
15. A Night In New York (Single Version) (Bonus Track)
16. Happy Birthday, Baby (Single Version) (Bonus Track)

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