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Formel Guitar Repair

Title - 'Live In Wolverhampton: Official Bootleg'
Artist - Glenn Hughes

The story goes that back in June 2009, Glenn Hughes was invited to his hometown of Bilston, Wolverhampton (UK) for a rocking dual-night concert. These two nights, full of his biggest and most legendary hits, comprised Glenn's and Deep Purple's classics on the 6th, and then on the 7th we got a night with Trapeze.

Playing the small club the Robin 2, the latter was a really touching evening. Chock full of intimate, emotional and rock 'n roll musical memories, it was also made more poignant due to the passing the year before of his friend, and former Trapeze band member Mel Galley.

After a lot of cheering and applause, the album kicks off with Hughes asking how they are all doing tonight; and then we're straight into 'Muscle And Blood.' Telling everyone he loves them, then asking if they could feel it, he then plays a song off of Music For The Divine, 'You Got Soul.' It's amazing to think that Live in Wolverhampton is only now, some four (4) years later getting released! I mean, this show is electric and funky, rock 'n roll in all manners, and deserved to have been listened to (other than bootleg form) well before now!

With Steve Stevens from L.A. on drums alongside him, Hughes then slows things down (for a hot second) with the beauty of 'Love Communion,' before the wide range of tracks on the first disc continue onwards with 'Don't Let Me Bleed.' This "bootleg" is just so good any true fan of funk rock will just love this new double-CD set.

The first disc moves onwards with a brand new song (at the time) 'Don't Let Me Bleed,' from the brand new album (at the time) First Underground Nuclear Kitchen. Then we get 'What's Going On Here,' before he introduces the band - which then brings us an incredible 20 minute 'Mistreated' by Deep Purple. Lots of great funk rock on display here with this cover, trust me. The disc comes to a close with both 'Crave' and after he reintroduces the band again, 'Hold Out Your Life.'

Having been part of the touring ensemble Kings Of Chaos, the second CD is a Trapeze set dedicated to his deceased band mate Mel Galley. Thus so, Hughes asks how everyone is feeling, tells them it is a momentous occasion for him, and then we're right into the funk with 'Way Back To The Bone.' The rocking 'Touch My Life' is next, and with Glenn's playing and singing as stellar as ever, it has to be said that another treat is the guitar work of Jeff Kollman. I mean, he easily plays the Pat Thrall stuff in his sleep, and at times you even think it's Jeff Beck playing!

For 'Jury,' he admits he hasn't played the song since the days of Mel and Dave, but taking a seat center stage, he plucks his guitar and sings his heart out like nothing before. The vibrant sound of 'Coast To Coast' comes next, its slow soul vibe combined with Hughes' vocals just perfect. Next up is 'Seafull,' with some more soul guitar and vocal work on 'Good Love.'

Hughes then introduces 'Your Love Is Alright' as "some good time music now, good time all the way here," and he's bang on! Wow, what an incredible guitar jam and keyboard en masse of sound in the one 15 minute place. Coming into the final musical bend, he ponders what Purple were ever thinking inviting him into their band, before heading into the title track from the second record, 'Medusa.'

And knowing you have to crank up the volume a bit in order to get a full sound sensation, the second disc of Trapeze work ends with the delightful soul funk of 'You Are The Music' and then finally, and after a band introduction the infamous 'Black Cloud.'