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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - 'Invisible Men: Expanded Edition'
Artist - Anthony Phillips

For those not in the know, the Anthony Phillips is a British musician, songwriter and singer who gained prominence as the founder member and lead guitarist in the English rock band Genesis, which formed in 1967.

After Phillips recorded From Genesis to Revelation and Trespass with the band, he left in July 1970 and learned to play more instruments before he began a solo career.

Phillips released his first solo album, The Geese & the Ghost, in 1977 and has continued to release solo albums thereafter. Along with those, he has also tackled television and film music, had collaborations with several artists, and there have been many compilation albums of his recordings. Released now via Esoteric Recordings, this digitally remastered and expanded two CD set of his 1983 album Invisible Men is finally made available to his legion of fans.

CD 1:
1. "Golden Bodies"
2. "The Women Were Watching"
3. "Traces"
4. "Exocet"
5. "Love In A Hot Air Balloon"
6. "Going for Broke"
7. "Falling for Love"
8. "Sally"
9. "I Want Your Heart"
10. "Guru"
11. "It's Not Easy"
12. "My Time Has Come"
13. "Trail of Tears"
14. "The Ballad of Penlee"
15. "Alex (Atmosphere Studios Version)"

CD 2:
1. "Gimme Love"
2. "Falling For Love (Alternate Version)"
3. "My Time Has Come (Instrumental Mix)"
4. "Golden Bodies (Demo)"
5. "Mysterious Constitution of Comets"
6. "She's Gone"
7. "Graciella"
8. "Over and Over Again"
9. "Tonight"
10. "Alien"
11. "Refugee From Love"
12. "Something Blue"
13. "Holding You Again"
14. "Darling"
15. "Shadow In The Desert"
16. "Finale (Atmosphere Studios Version)"

Invisible Men was a song-based album which saw Phillips collaborate with Richard Scott (who co-wrote most of the songs, sang a few of the lead vocals and programmed a drum machine). Released in 1983 in the USA and the following year in the UK, Invisible Men features the lighter side of Anthony Phillips' musical character and some fine, well-crafted songs.

This brand new 2CD Expanded Edition digi-pak of the album features a newly re-mastered original stereo mix of the album and an additional CD of 16 previously unreleased demos and material recorded during the Invisible Men period. It also includes an illustrated booklet that fully restores the original album artwork and features a new essay by Jon Dann.

The album features a political angle due to the 1982 Falklands War between Argentina and the United Kingdom where during the conflict an Exocet missile struck a British warship and killed 20 crew members. Indeed, as it was made very public at the time, one of Phillips's musician friends, Argentine Enrique (Quiqué) Berro Garcia, had to leave the United Kingdom due to this.

So, and as it turned out, this album could actually be labeled as an early 80's synth-pop collection, which was, at the time, somewhat shocking for fans of the Prog master. Sometimes sounding like '80s solo versions of George Harrison or the Moody Blues at their pop best, Invisible Men is still today one of the first albums I would play over and over again.

From the original album, tracks such as the opener, and rather humorous "Golden Bodies" are a delight to get to know again, along with the techno-pop sounds of "Exocet", "Love In A Hot Air Balloon", the sublime, and totally understated "Guru", the heavy-handed, Genesisesque "Going For Broke", and the ghostly aura of "Falling For Love."

Indeed, and with the conflict in mind, and with the whole album showcasing Phillips' anger over the conflict and how it affected his friend, the ending of "Exocet" features a fragment of a Falklands war report. Now, as it turns out, that was actually a recording error, but Philips kept it in!

For the record, "Exocet" was deemed too political to be on the original UK issue of the album, but was on the American issue regardless.

The second disc of 16 tracks, labelled as Out-takes & Demos, are all previously-unreleased and feature some lovely gems amongst them also. My own personal favorites to listen to today are "Golden Bodies (Demo)", "Mysterious Constitution of Comets", "Graciella", and both side closer's, "Shadow in the Desert" and "Finale (Atmosphere Studios Version)".

So, if you like Genesis, from Trespass through to Duke, you will most likely be more than able to appreciate the enormous amount of creativity going on here by Phillips within Invisible Men. Whilst the lyrics walk a fine line between quaint and silly, you will always find each and every track to be overly catchy and most definitely strong enough to still reside within you days after listening to them.

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