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Ghost Canyon

Title - 'Remixes & Rarities' [2CD]
Artist - Bonnie Tyler

For those not in the know, Bonnie Tyler is a Welsh singer, known for her distinctive husky voice.

Tyler came to prominence with the release of her 1977 album The World Starts Tonight and its singles "Lost in France" and "More Than a Lover". Her 1978 single "It's a Heartache" reached number four on the UK Singles Chart, and number three on the US Billboard Hot 100.

In the 1980s, Tyler ventured into rock music with songwriter and producer Jim Steinman. He wrote Tyler's biggest hit "Total Eclipse of the Heart", the lead single from her 1983 UK chart topping album Faster Than the Speed of Night.

Steinman also wrote Tyler's other major 1980s hit "Holding Out for a Hero". She had success in mainland Europe during the 1990s with Dieter Bohlen, who wrote and produced her hit "Bitterblue". In 2003, Tyler re-recorded "Total Eclipse of the Heart" with singer Kareen Antonn. Their bilingual duet topped the French charts.

Her last album of original material, Rocks and Honey was released in 2013 and featured the single "Believe in Me", which she performed representing the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

Both "It's a Heartache" and "Total Eclipse of the Heart" are among the best-selling singles of all time, with sales in excess of six million each. Indeed, her work has earned her three Grammy Award nominations and three Brit Award nominations, among other accolades.

Remixes & Rarities is a brand new compilation devoted to the hard-to-find tracks scattered across Bonnie’s prolific career. From her earliest recordings for RCA in the late Seventies, to her time with Hansa Records in the early Nineties, including many overlooked non-album tracks and chock full of Extended Versions and Remixes, compiled and annotated by devoted fan Liam Brigg with help from Bonnie’s army of collectors, this is the collection every Bonnie Tyler fan has been begging for, trust me.

Disc 1:
1. "Holding Out for a Hero (Special Extended Remix)"
2. "First Love"
3. "Where Were You (Radio Mix)"
4. "It's a Jungle Out There (Special Jim Steinman Remix)"
5. "Breakout (Long Version)"
6. "Loving You's a Dirty Job (But Somebody's Gotta Do It) (12" Version)" (With Todd Rundgren)
7. "Sem Limites Pra Sonhar (Reaching for the Infinite Heart)" (With Fábio Jr.)
8. "Bitterblue (True Blue Mix)"
9. "I Do It For You"
10. "Rebel Without a Clue (Excerpt from...)"
11. "Band of Gold (Long Version)"
12. "Say Goodbye (Classical Version)"
13. "From the Bottom of My Lonely Heart (Long Version)"
14. "Sola a la Orilla Del Mar (Sitting on the Edge of the Ocean) (Spanish Version)"
15. "Hide Your Heart (A-Side Edit)"
16. "God Gave Love to You (Radio Version)"
17. "Sayonara Tokyo"

Disc 2:
1. "The Desert Is In Your Heart" (With Sofia Arvaniti)
2. "Total Eclipse of the Heart (Extended Version)"
3. "Matter of the Heart"
4. "Take Me Back (Edit)"
5. "Against the Wind (Extended Version)"
6. "If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man) (Extended Version)"
7. "(The World Is Full of) Married Men"
8. "Band of Gold (Dub Version)"
9. "Loving You's a Dirty Job (But Somebody's Gotta Do It) (Radio Edit)" (With Todd Rundgren)
10. "Race to the Fire (Race Mix)"
11. "Save Up All Your Tears (London Mix)"
12. "Stay (Long Version)"
13. "No Way to Treat a Lady (7" Edit)"
14. "Notes from America (A-Side Edit)"
15. "Fools Lullaby (Sweet Lullaby Mix)"
16. "Holding Out for a Hero (Instrumental)"

Personally, I love Bonnie Tyler and her husky vocal styling. Her brilliant '80s and early '90s time period of hits was radio delight for me, and even her early stuff smacks of a female version of another musical hero of mine, Rod Stewart. [Why they never recorded together seems like an opportunity missed to me, but what do I know!]

Anyway, moving on and released with the blessing of Bonnie's management, Remixes & Rarities includes several highly collectable tracks which were only issued in South America or Japan; numerous tracks which have never graced CD before; and others which are long-out-of-print.

Kicking off in fine style with the balls to the wall power dance cut from the 1984 movie 'Footloose', "Holding Out For A Hero (Special Extended Remix)", we then get 'First Love' (which was the B-side to the 7" single 'Straight From The Heart'), the gently fist-clenched 'Where Were You (Radio Mix)' (from her 1991 Hansa Records album Bitterblue), and then from her highly rated fifth album Faster Than the Speed of Night comes the fun roll and bounce of "It's A Jungle Out There (Special Jim Steinman Remix)".

Next up is a funny one to me for a couple of good reasons. Firstly, the song "Breakout" is as close to Bob Seger's "Shakedown" (from 'Beverly Hills Cop II') as anything I've ever heard, and secondly, the video for "Breakout" (done with Bonnie in front of a green screen) is either for some Olympic Winter Games or a comedic movie set in Iceland! Moving on and we next get "Loving You's A Dirty Job (But Someone's Gotta Do It) (12" Version)" featuring Todd Rundgren, with the love song pairing of both "Sem Limites Pra Sonhar (Reaching for the Infinite Heart)" (featuring Fábio Jr.), and then "Bitterblue (True Blue Mix)".

Then we get the lush pop rock mid-tempo ballad "I Do It For You". A song that was actually a B-side to her feisty 7" single "Rebel Without a Clue (Excerpt from...)" (from her vastly underrated 1986 Jim Steinman produced album Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire), that song is along next also. The Motown hit, made famous by Freda Payne "Band Of Gold" is next, and that's backed by a classical version of "Say Goodbye". a long version of "From The Bottom Of My Lonely Heart", and then a delightful Spanish Version of "Sola a la Orilla Del Mar (Sitting on the Edge of the Ocean)".

The first disc then rounds out with the ferociously brilliant "Hide Your Heart (A-Side Edit)" ("Johnny saw her riding on a street car named Desire, his fate was sealed. She could see him coming like a hundred other liars, it was no big deal"), the 1992 ballad (complete with chirping birds) "God Gave Love To You", and then one of the most interesting musical inclusions here, "Sayonara Tokyo". For the song, written and released in 1981 as a standalone single, and the last release from Tyler's RCA Records contract before her signing with CBS Records the following year, was exclusively released in Japan, and up until now, had never been released on CD!

The second disc opens with "The Desert Is in Your Heart" featuring Greek singer Sofia Arvaniti. The bilingual track was released as a single from Arvaniti's third studio album, Parafora (1992), and complete with it's jarring guitars is yet another "new" Bonnie track to me. Her biggest hit comes along next in the form of "Total Eclipse of the Heart (Extended Version)", and is backed by the beautiful ballad "Matter of the Heart" (recorded in 1986 for the soundtrack to the film 'The Wraith'), and then her mid-tempo fist-clenched request "Take Me Back (Edit)".

"Against the Wind (Extended Version)" is yet another prime example of how Bonnie could rule the world with her ballad's, but I have to fully admit here I was more in awe of her mid-'80s rock album phase. So a song that comes along next such as "If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man) (Extended Version)" (unsurprisingly written by prolific songwriter of this musical ilk Desmond Child), means the world to me to hear again. Again, and for the record, her Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire album is so underrated, so do yourselves a favor and check it out today.

The disco-fueled "(The World Is Full of) Married Men" from 1979 showcases Bonnie's younger, less strained vocal approach, and that's backed by another "Band of Gold (Dub Version)", before another "Loving You's a Dirty Job (But Somebody's Gotta Do It) (Radio Edit)" (again featuring Todd Rundgren). From her 1982 album Angel Heart, the mid-tempo pop rock of "Race to the Fire (Race Mix)" is yet another delight to behold, and that's followed by "Save Up All Your Tears (London Mix)" (from her 1988 album Hide Your Heart), and then another lesser known track, the ballad "Stay (Long Version)", from her stunning 1993 album Silhouette in Red.

Another cut from her brilliant (have I mentioned that before?!) Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire album, "No Way to Treat a Lady (7" Edit)" is as pure as pop funk rock gets, and it backed by the opening track from her seventh studio album Hide Your Heart (although it was actually released as Notes from America here in the United States), "Notes from America (A-Side Edit)". From her Angel Heart album comes the Celtic-tinged "Fools Lullaby (Sweet Lullaby Mix)", and then the second disc, and the whole stunning new compilation, comes to a close with and Instrumental Version of "Holding Out for a Hero".

The comprehensive liner notes include recent interviews with collaborators on some of Bonnie’s rarest tracks, including Peter Oxendale, Greek musicians Mihalis Rakintzis and Sofia Arvaniti and producer Nicky Graham. They also provide background info about Bonnie’s most obscure tracks.

While there have been over 150 compilations of Bonnie Tyler, Remixes And Rarities is the most thorough, comprehensive and unique, in terms of the concept, the tracks chosen, the liner notes and the artwork.

Indeed, this latest double-disc set follows previously popular Remixes And Rarities titles on Cherry Pop by Paul Young, the Thompson Twins, Bucks Fizz and A Flock Of Seagulls.

Remixes & Rarities 2-CD is being released by Cherry Red Records (UK) on December 1st, 2017.