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Ghost Canyon

Title - 'Tooth And Tail' [Varese Sarabande]
Artist - Austin Wintory

For those not in the know, from the creators of the IGF-winning, best-selling game Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine, 'Tooth and Tail' is set in a world of animal revolution.

The Commonfolk, the Civilized, the Longcoats and the KSR are factions at war over who will eat and who will be eaten!

Featuring music by Grammy nominated composer Austin Wintory, the music features themes for each faction, which ranges from fast upbeat tarantellas, organ/violin tangos, Germanic waltz music, through to Eastern European folk dances.

'Tooth And Tail' [CD] was also released this past September 5th, 2017 via Varese Sarabande records.

1. "The Food Of Beasts" (1:34)
2. "Hopper, Flagbearer For The Commonfolk" (2:24)
3. "Bellafide, Firebrand Of The Longcoats" (2:14)
4. "The Quartermaster Of The KSR" (2:14)
5. "Archimedes, Left Hand Of The Civilized" (1:15)
6. "The Old South Distillery" (1:22)
7. "Hollow In The Gut" (3:24)
8. "Hyperduck Soundworks: Who Becomes The Meat?" (3:23)
9. "The Hungry Face A Stiff Wind" (5:53)
10. "Kristin Naigus: Bellafide’s Tarantella" (2:17)
11. "Fuel Of The Firebrand" (3:38)
12. "Snikaree Liberation" (4:22)
13. "John Robert Matz: Waltz Of The KSR" (3:12)
14. "Black Sledge Uprising" (2:06)
15. "Bonepit Exile" (1:50)
16. "The Siege Of Ragfall Road" (5:24)
17. "Eli Bishop: Archimedes’ Tango" (2:43)
18. "The War For Meat" (2:11)
19. "Salome Scheidegger: The Ivories Of Beasts" (3:40)
20. "Swine, Inscribed" (1:29)
21. "To The Ends" (5:00)
22. "Darren Korb: Anthem Of The Commonfolk" (2:32) 23. "Victors Will Feast" (1:21) With music by Austin Wintory, and featuring Sandy Cameron: violin, Tom Strahle: various guitars, and Kristin Naigus: penny whistle, this soundtrack to 'Tooth And Tail' is a delightfully fun, and very colorful romp, that's for dang sure.

Inclusive of some rather delightful orchestral performances by Macedonia Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Oleg Kontradenko, they enhance the tracks they back tremendously. Wintory had said going in that he wanted to make a game about war, but that he wanted to make it fun too. So his main question to the creators was: What were some fun wars in history?

Well, whatever their replies were, 'Tooth And Tail' incorporates a lot of humor notes along with explosive bursts of action sequences. Indeed, there are even moments of tangos and Latin dance music intermingled, as, well, real time strategy is essentially ballroom dancing ... is it not?!

Quietly paced at times, but mostly chock full of bombastic awesomeness, 'Tooth And Tail' is as good as it gets in this genre, and Wintory has shown his masterly touch is something to be reckoned with. Well played, Sir. Well played.

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