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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - 'I Believe In You'
Artist - Dolly Parton

For those not in the know, although I would seriously imagine those to be in the smallest of numbers, Dolly Parton is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, actress, author, businesswoman, and philanthropist, known primarily for her work in country music.

After achieving success as a songwriter for others, Dolly Parton made her album debut in 1967, with her album Hello, I'm Dolly. With steady success during the remainder of the 1960s (both as a solo artist and with a series of duet albums with Porter Wagoner), her sales and chart peak came during the 1970s and continuing into the 1980s; Parton's subsequent albums in the later part of the 1990s were lower in sales.

However, in the new millennium, Parton achieved commercial success again and has released albums on independent labels since 2000, including albums on her own label, Dolly Records.

And now she's back again, this time showcasing her love for the children of this world on I Believe In You. Releasing October 13th, 2017 via Dolly Records / RCA Nashville, I Believe In You is the first children’s album from Dolly Parton with all 14 tracks having been written and performed by Dolly. Indeed, the final track is a special reading by Dolly of her famed “Coat of Many Colors,” which makes this a very special album.

1. 'I Believe In You'
2. 'Coat Of Many Colors' (New Recording)
3. 'Together Forever'
4. 'I Am a Rainbow'
5. 'I’m Here'
6. 'A Friend Like You'
7. 'Imagination'
8. 'You Can Do It'
9. 'Responsibility'
10. 'You Gotta Be'
11. 'Makin’ Fun Ain’t Funny'
12. 'Chemo Hero'
13. 'Brave Little Soldier'
14. 'Coat of Many Colors' (Book read by Dolly Parton)

Having also worked with Pledge Music via one of their campaigns to get the word out about this new album, enticing fans to not only buy and pledge support for the new music, but have the opportunity to buy some stand out items such as a signed hand-written lyric sheet, custom out-going voice mail message from Dolly, and even a signed Recording King Guitar, it seems the message has been on point; for this is one of Dolly's most eagerly awaited albums in a long time.

Just listening to the bouncy, fun train-orientated title track and opening song and you'll immediately get a feel for what this album is going to bring to the table. Trust me when I say this is not your usual Dolly country album. No siree bob! Sure that first track is all about staying on track, being safe in the knowledge that you are loved, believe in no matter what you do, but it also features lots of Woo-Woo-Woo's and Clickity-Clickity-Clack's as the train metaphor takes a hold.

“My first album was released 50 years ago and it's been an amazing 50 years since then,” Parton has since remarked. "I am very excited that now I'm coming out with my first children's album in all of those 50 years. I'm proudest of all that all of the proceeds from this CD will go to the Imagination Library.”

With other inspirational, and at times brave topics musically tackled, such as on 'Chemo Hero' and 'Brave Little Soldier', I think that a lot of people will buy this album for the 'Coat Of Many Colors' track. Over the years it's been a hit song, a successful TV movie and soon it will also be a children’s book, which is why it was a wonderful thing for Dolly to do here to include both the song and her very own book reading of that material.

In closing, please know that Dolly will donate a portion of her proceeds from I Believe In You to benefit the Imagination Library, a book gifting organization established in 1996 that has since distributed 100 million books to more than 1 million children in 4 countries.

Books are sent to children from birth to 5 years of age. The Imagination Library was established by Dolly to honor her father who never learned to read or write.

Dolly Parton @ Facebook