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Title - 'Honkin' & Jivin' At the Palomino' [CD+DVD]
Artist - Big Jay McNeely

For those not in the know - which is perfectly fine, because I love this kind of music with a passion, and yet had no idea of this bands existence before the CD arrived here for review - Big Jay McNeely (born Cecil James McNeely) is an American rhythm and blues saxophonist.

Inspired by Illinois Jacquet and Lester Young, he teamed with his older brother Robert McNeely, who played baritone saxophone, and made his first recordings with drummer Johnny Otis, who ran the Barrelhouse Club that stood only a few blocks from McNeely's home. Shortly after he performed on Otis's "Barrel House Stomp" and son after that Ralph Bass, A&R man for Savoy Records, promptly signed him to a recording contract.

Indeed, it was Bass's boss, Herman Lubinsky, who suggested the stage name Big Jay McNeely, because Cecil McNeely did not sound commercial. McNeely's first hit was "The Deacon's Hop," an instrumental which topped the Billboard R&B chart in early 1949. As it turned out, the single was his most successful of his three chart entries.

And now here in 2017 - and following on the heels of last years brilliant, vibrant Blowin' Down the House: Big Jay's Latest & Greatest, we now get Honkiní & Jiviní at the Palomino (CD+DVD). Once again released via the Cleopatra Blues record label this past September 15th, 2017, this is a wonderful capturing of this live archive release from the blues great.

1. 'Palomino Hop'
2. 'I Canít Stop Loving You'
3. 'All That Wine Is Gone'
4. 'There Is Something On Your Mind'
5. 'Pretty Girls Everywhere'
6. 'Honky Tonk'
7. 'Young Girl Blues'
8. 'Big Jay Shuffle'

This man, this soulful singer, and downright incredible sax player is one of a kind now in my eyes. His big, booming voice immediately takes control of the opening track, "Palomino Hop"" and from there on in, well, this CD is simply unstoppable.

The rhythm and blues saxophonist's new CD showcases the undisputed King of honking saxophone and jump blues bringing down the house in a raucous live show at the legendary Palomino club in North Hollywood, August 15th, 1989!

Although a short set of just 8 tracks, cuts such as 'All That Wine Is Gone', 'There Is Something On Your Mind' and both 'Young Girl Blues' and his signature 'Big Jay Shuffle' are enough to make you want to go out and buy his entire recorded collections. Which you should, in all truth, as there is nobody finer, now or then, in this musical genre.

Big Jay McNeely - 'Honkin' & Jivin' At the Palomino' [CD+DVD] Purchase Link