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Ghost Canyon

Title - 'Look What the Blues Has Done for Me' [2CD]
Artist - Arthur Adams

For those not in the know, Arthur Adams is an American blues musician from Medon, Tennessee. Inspired by B.B. King and other 1950s artists, he played gospel music before attending college.

He moved to Los Angeles, and during the 1960s and 1970s he released solo albums and worked as a session musician. In 1985 he was tapped to tour on bass guitar with Nina Simone, and he staged a comeback in the 1990s when he released Back on Track, and became a respected Chicago blues player and bandleader in B.B. King's clubs.

A prolific songwriter, with a blues style that incorporated a variety of genres, and a vocalist with a funky, soul-driven sound, Adams is known for his collaboration with many of blues' elite and continues to perform to date.

And now, here in 2017, Arthur Adams releases his brand new album, his first in over eight years. Here on the 2CD Look What The Blues Has Done For Me, he proves that the blues only gets better with age as Adams and his band bring the goods on these 13 all new compositions.

The second disc is An Introduction to Arthur Adams and features cuts from some of his past albums, such as 1972's It's Private Tonight, 1975's Home Brew, 1977's Midnight Serenade, 1979's Love My Lady, and even the bonus track of a 12" Single version of "You Got The Floor."

Track List:
1. "You Pullin' My Leg"
2. "Look What The Blues Has Done For Me"
3. "Helpin' Hand Man"
4. "No Refunds"
5. "Low Down and Dirty"
6. "All Dressed Up"
7. "Elevator Ride"
8. "I've Had Enough"
9. "Dump You"
10. "Leftover From Yesterday"
11. "Gutbucket"
12. "If You Let Me Love You"
13. "Gorgeous"

Kicking off with the free flowing vibe of 'You Pullin' My Leg', it's a great way to not only get to know the great man, but to marvel in the fact that his voice still sounds so incredible today. The outstanding title track is next and takes the Blues down a notch, before turning it slightly up again for the vibrant 'Helpin' Hand Man.'

The low-fi, slow-poke feel of 'No Refunds' is along next and that's backed by one of the best tracks on this new album, the brilliant 'Low Down and Dirty.' Then comes 'All Dressed Up', the beautiful 'Elevator Ride' (a story of mood swings at its finest), and they are backed by both the soulful 'I've Had Enough' and it's vibe companion 'Dump You.'

Adams' outstanding guitar work on 'Leftover From Yesterday' is another highlight on this new album as is the sung-spoken 'Gutbucket' (a certain type of done you wrong music from down south), which in turn is followed by the gospel-tinged "If You Let Me Love You". The album of new tracks then rounds out with the upbeat, Motown-inspired 'Gorgeous.'

Celebrating the career of this blues troubadour, and, as aforementioned, inclusive of a second full-length disc of bonus tracks from Adams' '70s albums (all of which are appearing on this release for the first time ever on CD); plus the jazz-funk dance single "You Got The Floor" (which went to #1 on the UK Disco Chart in 1981), Look What The Blues Done For Me is an album not to be missed or overlooked, trust me.

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Arthur Adams @ Facebook