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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - The NeverEnding Story: Expanded Collectors Edition
Artist - Giorgio Moroder

For those not in the know, the men behind this superb soundtrack are two highly impressive, dedicated people to the genre and are as renowned today as they ever were.

First up is Klaus Doldinger, a German saxophonist known for his work in jazz and as a film music composer. Doldinger's recurring jazz project Passport, started in 1971 (then called "Klaus Doldinger's Passport"), still enjoys huge success in Germany. In its influence it was sometimes called the European version of Weather Report. He was also the recipient of 1997's Bavarian Film Awards.

The other master of his craft is Giorgio Moroder, an Italian singer, songwriter, DJ and record producer. Indeed, furthermore, Moroder is frequently credited with pioneering Italo disco and electronic dance music.

He produced singles for Donna Summer during the late-1970s disco era and also produced a number of electronic disco songs for the Three Degrees. Add to that two albums for Sparks, a handful of songs on Bonnie Tyler's album Bitterblue, and in 1990, he composed "Un'estate italiana", the official theme song of the 1990 FIFA World Cup.

The two mastroes came together, along with pop singer Limahl (Kajagoogoo) in 1984 to create the score of the new film 'The NeverEnding Story'.

'The NeverEnding Story' is a West German / English language epic fantasy film based on the novel of the same name by Michael Ende, about a boy who reads a magical book that tells a story of a young warrior whose task is to stop a dark storm called the Nothing from engulfing a mystical world.

Thus, the film score of 'The NeverEnding Story' was composed by Klaus Doldinger and the theme song of the North American release of the film was composed by Giorgio Moroder (with lyrics by Keith Forsey), and performed by the aforementioned Limahl (with additional vocals from Beth Anderson).

It was released as a single in 1984 where it peaked at #4 on the UK Singles Chart, #6 on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart, and at #17 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Digitally remastered and now released as a joyous Expanded Collector's Edition, The NeverEnding Story (via Cherry Red Records, UK) is an atmospheric electronic soundtrack at its finest.

Now complete with all the officially released remixes of the title track as sung by '80s heartthrob Limahl and the extended version of Giorgio Moroder's 'Ivory Tower' (that originally appeared as the b-side on Limahl's 'The NeverEnding Story' single), this limited edition black vinyl effect CD release is packaged in a miniature cardboard LP style sleeve with an exclusive six page color insert.

1. 'The NeverEnding Story' (Lihmal)
2. 'Swamps of Sadness' (Giorgio Moroder)
3. 'Ivory Tower' (Giorgio Moroder)
4. 'Ruined Landscape' (Giorgio Moroder)
5. 'Sleepy Dragon' (Giorgio Moroder)
6. 'Bastian's Happy Flight' (Klaus Doldinger)
7. 'Fantasia' (Klaus Doldinger)
8. 'Atreju's Quest' (Klaus Doldinger)
9. 'Theme of Sadness' (Klaus Doldinger)
10. 'Atreju Meets Falkor' (Klaus Doldinger)
11. 'Mirrorgate / Southern Oracle' (Klaus Doldinger)
12. 'Gmork' (Klaus Doldinger)
13. 'Moonchild' (Klaus Doldinger)
14. 'The Auryn' (Klaus Doldinger)
15. 'Happy Flight' (Klaus Doldinger)
16. 'Ivory Tower (12" Version)' (Giorgio Moroder)
17. 'The NeverEnding Story (12" Mix)' (Limahl)
18. 'The NeverEnding Story (12" Dance Mix)' (Limahl)
19. 'The NeverEnding Story (12" Dub Mix)' (Limahl)
20. 'The NeverEnding Story (Rusty 7" Mix)' (Limahl)
21. 'L' Histoire Sans Fin (French Language Version of 'The NeverEnding Story')' (Limahl)

Once we have listened to the always-brilliant-to-hear opening title track from Limahl, we get the stirring 'Swamps Of Sadness', the upbeat, flowing 'Ivory Tower', the beguiling 'Ruined Landscape', and the guitar-fed electro rock of 'Sleepy Dragon', all from Moroder.

The remainder of this original album continues with all works from Doldinger, the first being the sweeping 'Bastian's Happy Flight', which is backed by the short, twinkling 'Fantasia', 'Atreju's Quest', the appropriately entitled, wood wind inspired 'Theme Of Sadness' and then the upbeat 'Atreju Meets Falkor'.

The stirring, haunting 'Mirrorgate / Southern Oracle' is up next, and is backed by the uber short, Halloween-inspired 'Gmork'. The gentle, yet ultimately triumphant 'Moonchild' is then followed by the soothing 'The Auryn', and then the original album comes to a close with the joyous 'Happy Flight'.

This expanded version now comes with six more tracks, which are a pure, unadulterated delight to behold. The 12" Version of 'Ivory Tower' from Giorgio Moroder is just everything you would hope it would be, and then we get four (4) versions of Limahl's '80s poptastic 'The NeverEnding Story'. Wrapping it all up is a stunning French Language Version of that very same title track song sung by Limhal, 'L' Histoire Sans Fin' (and yes, it's a wonderful as you would could ever hope it should be).

The NeverEnding Story: Expanded Collector's Edition was re-released by Cherry Red Records on August 18th, 2017.

'The NeverEnding Story: Expanded Collector's Edition' Purchase Link