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Title - 'What You Don't Know: Deluxe Edition' [3CD]
Artist - Exposť

For those not in the know, Exposť is an American Freestyle vocal group. Primarily consisting of lead vocalists Ann Curless, Jeanette Jurado and Gioia Bruno, the group achieved much of their success between 1984 and 1993.

They soon became the first group to have four top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart from its debut album, including the 1988 #1 hit "Seasons Change".

Indeed, in March 2015, Billboard magazine named the group the eighth most-successful girl group of all-time.

The group was popular in dance clubs, mainstream Top 40 and adult contemporary charts in the United States. The group actively toured and recorded music from 1984 to 1995, then retired from recording and public performances until 2003, and currently tour today.

What You Don't Know was Exposť's sophomore release to their debut Exposure (1987) and reached #33 (US Billboard Chart), becoming platinum sales status in the US and selling well in The Netherlands, Greece, Japan and Southeast Asia.

Originally released in 1989, What You Don't Know had five singles released from it: "What You Don't Know", "When I Looked at Him", "Tell Me Why" (which all peaked within the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100), and "Your Baby Never Looked Good In Blue" (top 20) and also "Stop, Listen, Look, & Think".

Now digitally remastered and expanded into a glorious three CD edition, What You Don't Know: Deluxe Edition showcases just perfectly one of the top 10 most successful girl groups of all time in the USA.

The trio defined the sound of dance music throughout the late '80s and early '90s. Gioia Bruno, Ann Curless and Jeanette Jurado were the face of freestyle, taking it from it's Latino club roots and splashing it across mainstream radio and TV.

This deluxe edition features 45 tracks including the original 11-song album alongside 35 bonus tracks, nine of which are previously unreleased. Four tracks make their first appearance on CD, which is super exciting for all Exposť around the world.

CD: 1
1. "What You Don't Know"
2. "Stop, Listen, Look & Think"
3. "Tell Me Why"
4. "When I Looked at Him"
5. "Let Me Down Easy"
6. "Still Hung Up on You"
7. "Your Baby Never Looked Good in Blue"
8. "Now That I Found You"
9. "Love Don't Hurt (Until You Fall)"
10. "Didn't It Hurt to Hurt Me"
11. "Walk Along with Me"

+ Bonus Tracks (Single Versions and B-Sides)
12. "What You Don't Know (Radio Mix)"
13. "When I Looked at Him (Single Version)"
14. "Tell Me Why (Radio Edit)"
15. "Your Baby Never Looked Good in Blue (Radio Remix)"
16. "Tell Me Why (7" Remix)"
17. "Stop, Listen, Look & Think (7" Single Version)"
18. "Walk Along with Me (Single Version)"

CD: 2 (Bonus Tracks: Remixes and Alternate Versions)
1. "What You Don't Know (Paradise Version)"
2. "When I Looked at Him (Suave Mix)"
3. "Tell Me Why (Extended Remix)"
4. "What You Don't Know (In Effect Mix)"
5. "When I Looked at Him (Suave Mix) (Acoustic Version - US Edit)"
6. "Tell Me Why (Groovehouse Mix)"
7. "Stop, Listen, Look & Think (House Mix)"
8. "What You Don't Know (Atomic Mix)"
9. "Tell Me Why (No Name Mix - Part 1 (Dub) / Part 2 (Vocals)"
10. "Stop, Listen, Look & Think (L.A. Mix)"
11. "What You Don't Know (Bass Mix)"

CD: 3 (Bonus Tracks: More Remixes and Alternate Versions)
1. "Tell Me Why (12" Remix)"
2. "Stop, Listen, Look & Think (Deep Thought Mix)"
3. "What You Don't Know (Crossover Mix)"
4. "Stop, Listen, Look & Think (Dub Mix)"
5. "Tell Me Why (Radio Edit)"
6. "Stop, Listen, Look & Think (7" Club Single Edit)"
7. "What You Don't Know (Might Hurt You Beats)"
8. "Stop, Listen, Look & Think (Ambient Mix)"
9. "Tell Me Why (Voice Me Why Percapella)"
10. "Stop, Listen, Look & Think (Lambada Mix Radio Edit)"
11. "What You Don't Know (Martinee Expo Mix)"
12. "Stop, Listen, Look & Think (12" Mix)"
13. "Tell Me Why (Dakeyne DMC Remix)"
14. "Stop, Listen, Look & Think (Dub)"

+ Bonus Tracks - Demos and Previously Unreleased Recordings
15. "What You Don't Know (Demo)"
16. "You Got Me Running"

Unlike Exposť's previous album, Exposure, What You Don't Know focuses on the vocals of Gioia Bruno, as she sings lead vocals on half of the tracks, whereas she only sang lead vocals on three of the tracks on their debut.

Also, for the record, Ann Curless sings lead on two tracks ("Stop, Listen, Look & Think" and "Now That I Found You"), and Jeanette Jurado on three ("When I Looked at Him," "Still Hung Up on You," and "Your Baby Never Looked Good in Blue").

Well, being a huge fan of this genre of music, I settled in for the afternoon with it, slipped in the first CD and let it waft over me. Musical greatness was instantly apparent as the original, and now remastered 11 track album went over its tracks. The upbeat title track kicks things of perfectly, with the free flowing dance floor slide of "Stop, Listen, Look & Think" backing it perfectly.

The Taylor Dayne-esque "Tell Me Why" is next and is followed by the smooth and sultry "When I Looked at Him". The beat is turned back up for "Let Me Down Easy" which in turn is followed by both "Still Hung Up on You" and the low-tempo ballad, complete with rock guitar, "Your Baby Never Looked Good in Blue".

Cranking the pop beats up we next get "Now That I Found You", which is most likely my favorite track of this original album, and that's backed by the pop-lock of "Love Don't Hurt (Until You Fall)". The soaring mid-tempo ballad "Didn't It Hurt to Hurt Me" and then the album is rounded out by the fun pop of "Walk Along with Me".

The bonus material on this collection features all of the singles, b-sides, remixes, and alternate versions that were released during the promotion of the original album. So this first disc rounds out with seven variations on the original song themes rather nicely.

The second and third discs count an amazing 27 tracks in total and what with most of them being extended mixes, remixes, 12" versions and such, well, trust me when I say that it was a good solid two hours before I finally came up for air at the culmination of the third disc!

Not saying that's a bad thing, how could it be, but what is apparent now is that when you hear the same song, no matter in what format, some seven or eight times over, it all starts to blur into one. Take, for instance, the title track, as that gets an amazing ten (10) different versions of it, and yet, to me, the original 7" single cut is still the one to beat.

This Deluxe Edition 3 CD set comes with a beautifully designed, carefully researched, and spectacularly detailed 24- page full color booklet that contains brand new liner notes, lyrics, photos, an illustrated discography, comprehensive credits, plus track annotations from Lewis A. Martinee who wrote 9 of the 11 songs and produced the original album.

'Deluxe Edition 3CD Purchase Link