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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - 'Not Out of Time' [Vinyl EP]
Artist - Birdseed

For those not in the know, Birdseed are an American rock band formed in 2012 that was attracting large numbers of Gen X and Gen Y fans with their classic Fleetwood Mac-meets-Wilco sound.

Consisting of Kerry Landreth (vocals), Jamie Goodyear (vocals, guitar, keyboards, vocoder, bongos), Mason Mortif (guitar), Scott Bell (drums), Brian Herthington (keyboards), Peter Landreth (saxophone) and Lane Murchison (bass), Birdseed have just released a stunning, and limited edition 10" vinyl EP entitled Not Out Of Time.

Also available as a digital release, the five-track vinyl EP (always my most favorite type of music to listen to, still today) is available worldwide online and in stores August 4th, 2017.

Featuring some amazing players and solid, compelling songs, their website states that this quintet of tracks was "obviously the manifestation of many hours of hard work and drive", but I'm here to tell you that they all sound so alive, so vivid, so fun, that they could easily have been recorded after a night at the pub. They are all just that good - the songs and the band.

1. 'Not Out of Time' [3:48]
2. 'Next Trip Around the World' [4:09]
3. 'I Want You to Know' [4:53]
4. 'We Can Do It' [2:56]
5. 'More Than I Needed the Truth' [3:54]

"I've been running for the money, but the money's no good" is the opening line from the title track, 'Not Out of Time', a song as fun, as bouncy, as old school mid-'80s tuneful as I've ever heard since those days.

The other cut on Side A is 'Next Trip Around the Sun', a track that is as melodically infectious as any of the five songs here on this quite brilliant 5-Track Vinyl EP. Replacing the alternative '90s edge of the title track it adds a more soulful, rhythmic backbone. Complete with a saxophone break mid-song, it is easily my favorite track of the EP.

Side B opens with the light jangling guitars of 'I Want You to Know', a breezy track perfectly created for driving top down in the summer, and that's backed by 'We Can Do It'. With the last two songs bringing Kerry Landreth's vocals predominantly to the fore, this first one is just the title sung over and over. As repetitive as it can get, to my mind it's definitely B-side material, but the EP-ending singalong 'More Than I Needed the Truth' is a delightful slice of a '70s-inspired flashback grooves.

Birdseed @ Facebook!