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Ghost Canyon

Title - 'Slow Dance: Remastered & Expanded Deluxe Edition'
Artist - Anthony Phillips

For those not in the know, Anthony Phillips is an English musician, songwriter and singer who gained prominence as the founding member and lead guitarist in the English rock band Genesis, which formed in 1967.

After Phillips recorded From Genesis to Revelation and Trespass with the band, he left in July 1970 and learned to play more instruments before he began a very illustrious solo career.

Phillips released his first solo album, The Geese & the Ghost, in 1977, some forty years ago now, and having subsequently released an incredible 31 albums since then (his last being Private Parts and Pieces XI: City of Dreams in 2012), Cherry Red Records (UK) is now proud to announce the release of his 1990 album, Slow Dance.

Released via their parent prog label Esoteric Recordings, this quite incredible Slow Dance: Remastered & Expanded Deluxe Edition is a three disc version (2CD & DVD - NTSC / Region Free) of the classic instrumental album from Phillips.

Disc 1: New 24-Bit Remastered Original Stereo Mix
1. Slow Dance Part One
2. Slow Dance Part Two

Disc 2: Slow Dance Vignettes (Previously-Unreleased)
1. Themes from Slow Dance
2. No Way Out (Alternate Mix)
3. A Slower Dance
4. Guitar Adagio from Slow Dance
5. Touch Me Deeply (Demo)
6. Clarinet Sleigh Ride
7. Slow Dance Single Demo (Alternate Mix)
8. No Way Out (Original Mix with Drums)
9. Lenta Chorum

Disc 3: New 5.1 Surround Mixes & 96khz / 24-Bit Stereo Mix
1. Slow Dance Part One (New 5.1 Surround Mix)
2. Slow Dance Part Two (New 5.1 Surround Mix)

As a musical entity, the original instrumental album Slow Dance was simply breathtaking to behold back then. Released in September 1990 on Virgin Records, it features two parts: "Slow Dance (Part 1)" [at 23:57] and "Slow Dance (Part 2)" [at 26:27] - and they each took over an entire side of the vinyl LP that it was pressed on.

Layered, textured, thunderous, and delicate, this epic opus piece has it all. Expertly produced by Anthony and Simon Heyworth (of Tubular Bells fame) with additional engineering by John Gibbons, Slow Dance showcases that Anthony was the true visionary behind the original Genesis sound; and why they had to eventually part ways.

There are no vocals on this effort, but it is simply some of the most beautiful and complex sequences of music he has ever released. I know I keep saying it, but come on now, one listen to the original Side A is enough to have you hooked on Anthony's works for life.

With both those Side A and Side B sounds now recreated as New 24-Bit Remastered Original Stereo Mixes, they sound so much crispier, so much more alive, in ways that I never thought I could hear this music come across. Chock full of lots of nice guitar work, symphonic movements, and all sorts of neat keyboard works and such, Slow Dance is a well-rounded effort from start to finish.

And therein now the finish means we get nine (9) Slow Dance Vignettes (Previously-Unreleased) on the second disc, with this incredible release rounding out with a Region Free (NSTC) DVD of all-New 5.1 Surround Mixes & 96khz / 24-Bit Stereo Mixes of 'Slow Dance Part One' and 'Part Two' as New 5.1 Surround Mixes. Pure Heaven on a stick for all Anthony Phillips fans, of that you can be well assured.

Originally recorded at Vic's Place from June 1988 to March 1989, with the strings having been recorded at CBS studios in February 1989, this new 3 disc digipak Expanded Deluxe Edition of the album also includes a lavishly illustrated booklet that fully restores the original album artwork and features a new essay by Jon Dann.

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