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Ghost Canyon

Title - 'Lost & Found: 1972-1973'
Artist - Captain Beyond

For those not in the know, and yes, that included me, so no shame there, Captain Beyond was an American/British rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1971.

The original line-up for Captain Beyond were singer Rod Evans (ex-Deep Purple), drummer Bobby Caldwell (ex-Johnny Winter), guitarist Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt (ex-Iron Butterfly), and bassist Lee Dorman (ex-Iron Butterfly), as well as keyboardist Lewie Gold.

Gold left due to personal reasons before the first album was recorded and the remaining line-up recorded the self-titled debut album, released in 1972. A year later, and with many more band changes in effect, a six man line up recorded the group's second album, Sufficiently Breathless. Tension during the recording led to more people leaving and come the end of the year the band had split up all together.

However, the band reformed in 1976 with Willy Daffern on vocals, and Bobby Caldwell, Rhino and Lee Dorman completing the line-up. They recorded the band's third album Dawn Explosion on Warner Bros., but broke up in 1978! Reinhardt and Caldwell reformed Captain Beyond in 1998 with Jimi Interval on vocals, Steve Petrey on guitar, Dan Frye on keyboards, and Jeff Artabasy on bass, but, yep, you guessed it, Captain Beyond once again disbanded in 2003!

Caldwell resurrected the band in 2013, with a line up consisting of Jeff "Boday" Christensen, Don Bonzi, Simon Lind, and Jeff Artabasy and this reformed group began touring in 2015. No break up has been announced since then, so we can only assume they are all working in continual harmony here today.

Now out via Cleopatra Records, Lost & Found: 1972-1973 is a brand new CD (or vinyl LP) release that brings all lovers of the band back together as one. Having been locked away in a vault (or someones basement/attic) for 45 years, these 10 previously never-before-released songs are pure Captain Beyond at their heyday finest.

1. 'Uranus Highway' (previously unreleased)
2. 'I Canít Feel Nothing (Part 1)'
3. 'As The Moon Speaks (To The Waves of The Sea)'
4. 'Astral Lady'
5. 'As The Moon Speaks (Return)'
6. 'I Canít Feel Nothing (Part 2)'
7. 'Icarus'
8. 'Raging River of Fear'
9. 'Dancing Madly Backwards (On a Sea of Air)'
10. 'Myopic Void'

Seemingly very overlooked and under appreciated way back in the early '70s, this new set of songs, including one previously unheard track, is everything that devoted fans of Captain Beyond could ever have wanted Santa to bring them and leave under the Christmas tree ... even if it is only June!

The first cut is the previously unreleased gem 'Uranus Highway,' a song that sounds as great as anything they ever put out (now that I've done my homework on the band, I can confidently state that fact), so quite why it was held back is beyond me. That's backed by the first of the remaining nine Demos, 'I Can't Feel Nothing (Part 1)'. All with a certain level of background hiss attached, they are still, nonetheless, unadulterated works of music art.

The jigsaw puzzle that is 'As The Moon Speaks (To The Waves of The Sea)' is my own personal favorite here, as the guitar work is just to precise, so cultured, and that's backed by both the freeflowing, albeit just fifteen seconds long 'Astral Lady' and another dip into the aforementioned, 'As The Moon Speaks (Return).' A guitar heavy minutes worth of 'I Canít Feel Nothing (Part 2)' is along next, and that's followed by the longest track on the album, the prog space rock of 'Icarus.'

The all-out guitar rock, and cowbells of 'Raging River of Fear' is a thunderous track to behold, and that's backed by the Southern rock opera 'Dancing Madly Backwards (On a Sea of Air).' The album then rounds out with the trippy trance state of 'Myopic Void,' a cut that personifies perfectly everything that this new collection hopes to convey to its loyal followers.

'Lost & Found: 1972-1973' CD Purchase Link