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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - 'Passage To Dawn (Varese Sarabande)
Artist - Diego Navarro

For those not in the know, 'Passage To Dawn' Javier (Nicolás Coronado), a young photojournalist decides to travel to Fallujah (Iraq) as war correspondent.

Before leaving he must tell his family and his girlfriend. He will have to do it on Christmas Eve. The news cracks the family foundation. Life and relationships of all will be changed forever.

'Passage to Dawn' is the debut of Andreu Castro, who wrote and directed this rather lovely, very poignant, very heartfelt film.

1. 'Manufacturing Memories' (2:28)
2. 'Dreamcatcher' (1:01)
3. 'Candela' (1:28)
4. 'The Announcement' (1:21)
5. 'Manuela' (2:23)
6. 'A Chance To Choose' (2:11)
7. 'A Long Distance' (2:43)
8. 'Revelation' (1:36)
9. 'The Star Of David' (1:58)
10. 'Alone' (1:43)
11. 'Promise Me, You Will Be Back' (1:58)
12. 'The Mail' (2:18)
13. 'Misha & Mira' (4:58)
14. 'The Three Doors' (1:40)
15. 'Overnight My Lap Belongs To You' (2:38)
16. 'Life Gave Me Another Chance' (3:43)
17. 'Moonlight' - Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy (5:31)
18. 'Lullaby' (4:38)
19. 'To The Core Of The Soul' (5:03)
20. 'Passage To Dawn - Main Theme' (4:48)

The young Spanish film music composer and orchestra conductor; Founder of the Tenerife Film Orchestra & Choir Diego Navarro ('Capture The Flag,' Mimesis') has brought next to us an incredible, passionate, and highly charged, very powerful symphonic score for Andreu Castro’s film 'Passage To Dawn' ('Pasaje al Amanecer').

All 20 tracks come together to tell such a forthright story as this one in such a manner that when you listen to the beautiful and touching writing for piano, cello and symphony orchestra, you can almost feel as close to the characters as the fictional cinematic experience will ever allow you.

A Limited Edition of 1,000 copies on CD only ever to be released, 'Passage To Dawn' is an absolutely stunning lullaby - featuring voice and choir - that serves as yet another wonderful score carved out by the uber talented Diego Navarro.

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