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Formel Guitar Repair

Title - 'The Camden Promise'
Artist - Tony Natale

For those not in the know, not unlike myself, born in Camden, New Jersey, Tony Natale is a drummer/songwriter who has also won the Carmine Appice drum competition.

His musical career started on the New York scene where he played along with luminaries like Jaco Pastorius and John Fogerty. Indeed, his Rock drumming style is well defined now and combines Rock, Latin & Jazz Fusion into one incredible blend of musical conscience.

In 1994, Natale hit the European scene and quickly became one of the most transcendental drummers on the London circuit. In 1999 he even started a parallel career as a producer, setting up Drum Track Studios; while co-writing and performing with vocalist Oliver Campana.

Tony also co-wrote and produced nine songs for his new release The Camden Promise, and album he first ran with for funding on the website. His stated mission in life since year 2000 has been to spread peace and love as far and wide as he possibly can and, trust me, with this new album he's well on his way to achieving that goal.

1. 'What If You Did?'
2. 'Nobody'
3. 'Your Love Takes Me Home'
4. 'Promiseman'
5. '3 Days On The Road'
6. 'U Shine'
7. 'Boogie Around'
8. 'Insanity'
9. 'The Way You Walk'

The Camden Promise was composed along with Brian Heaven from London so as much as Nalate is from Camden, NJ, he actually wrote and demo-ed these songs at his flat (apartment) in the heart of Camden Town, London! Not one shy for asking friends to help in his process, the final song 'The Way You Walk' was written and produced along with John Idan, who is currently on tour with The Yardbirds singing and playing guitar.

We begin with the gently free flowing 'What If You Did?', a delightfully melodic track that immediately showcases the quality of what's to come perfectly. With a special group of musicians from all around the world performing on the album, the upbeat, drum-based rocker 'Nobody' is along next, and that's backed by both the all-out funk guitar rock of Dan Beaulaurier on 'Your Love Takes Me Home'. But then the whole momentum of the album changes with 'Promiseman,' a lite jazz piano track, it comes out of nowhere; but is a stunningly smooth change of pace, nonetheless.

The Santana-inspired '3 Days On The Road' is next and that's followed by Natale taking the musical reins via his drumming on 'U Shine.' The gentle rocker, with Natale on bass 'Boogie Around' is one of my personal favorites here on this new nine track album, and that's backed by the thoughtfully-paced 'Insanity.'

With Beaulaurier's guitar work featured on that aforementioned track, the album then rounds out with the Brian Heaven guitar rock of 'The Way You Walk,' a John Idan-sung track inclusive of Murray Goodman on keys, that ensures that once finished, all you feel like doing is hitting Play all over again.

Tony Natale @ Facebook