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Ghost Canyon

Title - 'Dog Eats Rabbit'
Artist - Blackburner vs. DMX

For those not in the know, Blackburner is an American electronic music duo. It consists of Skyla Talon. Influenced by the Skyla's background as a guitarist and vocalist, Blackburner combines elements of dubstep, metal, and electronica. Talon created buzz for Blackburner by remixing tracks and releasing original compositions through Cleopatra Records, initially placing Blackburner alongside dubstep artists such as Rusko, Nero and Dubba Jonny.

Earl Simmons, professionally known as DMX, is an American rapper, record producer, and actor. In 1999, DMX released his best-selling album ... And Then There Was X and since then he has been featured in films such as Belly, Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds, and Cradle 2 the Grave.

Now the two musical forces have come together to create a quite brilliant and historic collaboration. Chock full of head bobbing beats, devastating drops, and viciously spit lyrics, Dog Eats Rabbit (out now via Cleopatra Records) showcases hip hop legend DMX's vocal skills alongside the dubstep/trap work of renowned duo Blackburner.

1. 'We Gonna Tear Shit Up'
2. 'Shut Em Down'
3. 'Game'
4. 'How We Roll'
5. 'Dog Fight'
6. 'Let It Go'
7. 'Sin'
8. 'Dog Madness'
9. 'Get Back on My Feet'
10. 'Dog Eats Rabbit'
11. 'The Fight'
12. 'Motherfuckas Want'
13. 'Chains in Your Brain'
14. 'Fuck With (RR Anthem)'
15. 'Assassins'
16. 'Hurting'
17. 'Something Goin' Tonight'
18. 'WTF Bitch'
19. 'Don't Get It Twisted'
20. 'Preach'
21. 'Meet Me Outside'

Trust me when I say that this album is not for the faint-hearted music listeners out there! From moment number one, the beats pound and DMX launches himself lyrically into the ocean of dubstep vibes that Blackburner willingly provide.

Opening track 'We Gonna Tear Shit Up' builds like a speeding train until it speeds around the rails of the thunderous back beats as if it could derail at any given moment. Whereas the first track was more about the introduction of Blackburner, 'Shut Em Down' is DMX's track. As too is 'Game,' a cut that, at times, turns very Industrial Goth in its creation. 'How We Roll' is one of the more melodic tracks and that's backed by the Industrial Steel of 'Dog Fight' and then the Gary Numanesque 'Let It Go'. A reposing of his 2003 hit 'X Gon' Give It to Ya'', it's definitely another stand out track here.

The Neo Dubstep Trance of 'Sin' is next and that's followed by the guitar led 'Dog Madness', 'Get Back On My Feet', and then the title track, the free flowing beauty 'Dog Eats Rabbit.' The trippy flip flop dub of 'The Fight' is paced to feel like you're in the ring with DMX and that's backed by the hometown life storytelling of 'Motherfuckas Want.' The roar of 'Chains In Your Brain' is next, but is eclipsed by the endless drop beats of 'Fuck With (RR Anthem)' and then the soaringly epic 'Assassins.'

'Hurting' is along next and allows Blackburner to incorporate more melodic, techno pop sounds to the back beats, and they back that up with most adventurous track on the album, 'Something Goin' Tonight.' 'WTF Bitch' allows DMX to whip up a ranting storm, which he also drags kicking and screaming into 'Don't Get It Twisted.' The album then comes to a close - after one of the most exhaustive musical listening journeys I have ever had - with 'Preach,' and then the musical amalgamation of sounds on 'Meet Me Outside.'

'Dog Eats Rabbit' CD Purchase Link

DMX @ Facebook

Blackburner @ Facebook