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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - 'Techromancy'
Artist - Chrome

For those not in the know, Chrome is an American rock band founded in San Francisco, California in 1975.

The sound of the group is often coarse and features heavy elements of feedback and distortion. Their experiments in mixing synthesized noise with rock instrumentation, marking them as part of the post-punk movement, have been cited as a forerunner of industrial rock music.

Word actually had it that during the 1970s, Chrome's music did not fit into any particular music scene in America, and so people found it hard to know how to book the band or promoting and distribute their music.

But now the post-punk visionaries, Chrome, led by longtime guitarist/vocalist Helios Creed are back again with a brand new album. Techromancy (out now via Cleopatra Records) brings back, kicking and screaming, the driving rhythms and metallic riffs of their more rocking early '80s Red Exposure period.

This brand new album has already earnt raves from Consequence Of Sound who said, "Chrome demonstrate that even after nearly 40 years and countless lineup changes, their hunger and curiosity remain just as savage as when the project first began."

1. 'Administer The Treatment'
2. 'Black Diamond'
3. 'Sex Pocket Meister'
4. 'Death Is A Pusher'
5. 'Tears In Space'
6. 'Time Slider'
7. 'Pyramid Of Planets'
8. 'The Mandela Effect Pedal'
9. 'Execution'
10. 'The Other Side'
11. 'Devils Flight'
12. 'Just For You'

Having now listened to it twice through I couldn't have put it better myself, because Techromancy is as amazingly fresh, subperbly vibrant, and as musically and lyrically motivated as anything they have put out down the years. Their maturer sounds kicks off in fine style with 'Administer the Treatment', before heading into both the jangled edges of 'Black Diamond' and the reverse lyrics of the space rock epic 'Sex Pocket Meister.' The Sisters Of Mercyesque 'Death Is A Pusher' is my own personal favorite track on the album and that's followed by the ultra trippy 'Tears In Space.'

'Time Slider' is backed by the gently melodic 'Pyramid of Planets' and that's followed by the space rock-out of 'The Mandela Effect Pedal.' The muffled, distorted vocals of 'Execution' is next (not my favorite track as it goes), and that's backed by the sing-along of 'The Other Side.' The album that rides the vibe of bands such as Stereolab, Nine Inch Nails and everything lovingly caught in between at times, then comes to a close with the translucent 'Devils Flight', and then the melodic soft guitar rock of 'Just For You.'

'Techromancy' CD Purchase Link

Chrome @ Facebook