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DJ Supply

Title - 'Graham Bonnet Anthology'
Artist - Graham Bonnet

Graham Bonnet is quite rightly best known for fronting the melodic hard rock of Rainbow, MSG and Alcatrazz, with a career going back to the 1960s. However, his initial breakthrough as part of The Marbles was in 1968, where his style and tastes were originally geared more towards pop and R&B orientated music.

Recording a number of obscure, but now highly collectable 45's in the early 1970s, before releasing his solo albums, Bonnet is still as much revered today as he was in his heyday.

Having recently had a slew of his old work released via Cherry Red Records (UK), including the brilliant double pack of Graham Bonnet / No Bad Habits: Expanded Deluxe Edition and his work with Alcatrazz, this time Cherry Red bring all his work together in a wondrous 2CD + DVD box-set entitled Graham Bonnet Anthology.

This quite superb, especially if you are a fan of Bonnet's (and, in this genre, who the hell isn't) is the first all-encompassing, career-spanning retrospective from the highly respected singer and song writer. Inclusive of his first hits of the late '60s, right up to his new material with the Graham Bonnet Band in 2017, everything and more Bonnet is here for your listening, and viewing pleasures.

Disc 1:
1. 'Only One Woman' - Graham Bonnet
2. 'It's All Over Now Baby Blue' - Graham Bonnet
3. 'Warm Ride' - Graham Bonnet
4. 'Bad Girl' - Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
5. 'Night Games' - Graham Bonnet
6. 'S.O.S.' - Graham Bonnet
7. 'Girl from Uptown' - Michael Schenker Group
8. 'Island in the Sun' - Alcatrazz (Featuring Yngwie J. Malmsteen)
9. 'Hiroshima Mon Amour' - Alcatrazz (Featuring Yngwie J. Malmsteen)
10. 'Since You Been Gone (Live)' - Alcatrazz (Featuring Yngwie J. Malmsteen)
11. 'God Blessed Video' - Alcatrazz (Featuring Steve Vai)
12. 'Will You Be Home Tonight' - Alcatrazz (Featuring Steve Vai)
13. 'Skyfire' - Alcatrazz (Featuring Steve Vai)
14. 'Blue Boar' - Alcatrazz
15. 'Stand in Line' - Impellitteri
16. 'Tonight I Fly' - Impellitteri
17. 'Midnight Crossing (1989 Demo)' - Graham Bonnet
18. 'Hit and Run' - Forcefield
19. 'Let the Wild Run Free' - Forcefield
20. 'All Night Long (2015 Version)' - Graham Bonnet Band

Few front men can claim to have had such a lengthy and far-reaching career. His aforementioned time as part of The Marbles duo is marked here by the opening track, "Only One Woman" (1968), which was actually a Bee Gees song at the time. We then rage through his early solo career across the '70s, again enjoying further success with a Bee Gees track, the disco flavored 'Warm Ride'.

And it's heard within the framework of all his early solo stuff his obvious devotion to Motown, the Blues, Doo-Wop, and other sounds of an era gone by. 'It's All Over Now Baby Blue' incorporates all of those sounds, but then all too soon we jump into 'Bad Girl' from his Rainbow days, and then fast forward straight into his successful '80s solo hits of both 'Night Games' and 'S.O.S.'

Sadly, that's all there is from his successful career fronting Rainbow, who at the time were the world's biggest rock band. Indeed, when he replaced Ronnie James Dio in 1979 for their album Down To Earth, it was the more well-known, and worldwide hits such as both 'All Night Long' and Russ Ballard's 'Since You Been Gone' that shook the industry, but here they are only "recaptured" versions: the first a live cut by Alcatrazz, the later by his new group, the Graham Bonnet Band.

After a track from his time spent as lead singer of MSG (Michael Schenker Group) 'Girl From Uptown', next we get a block of Alcatrazz cuts, such as 'Island In The Sun', 'Hiroshima Mon Amour', 'God Blessed Video', 'Will You Be Home Tonight' and both 'Skyfire' and 'Blue Boar', before two tracks from his days with Impellitteri, 'Stand In Line' and 'Tonight I Fly.' Taken from the very first studio album by guitarist and bandleader Chris Impellitteri's band, the short period of time spent with Bonnet on lead was also their most successful.

With Bonnet's incredible, highly distinctive vocals wrapping themselves around each and every song that is offered on this brilliant new collection, after a really raw 1989 demo of 'Midnight Crossing' we end the first CD with two from his time in Forcefield - 'Hit And Run' and 'Let the Wild Run Free' - rounding out with the aforementioned, and previously-unreleased GBB version of 'All Night Long.'

Disc 2:
1. 'Look Don't Touch' - Graham Bonnet
2. 'Afterlife' - Blackthorne
3. 'We Won't Be Forgotten' - Blackthorne
4. 'Don't Kill the Thrill' - Blackthorne
5. 'Breakaway' - Graham Bonnet
6. 'Killer' - Graham Bonnet
7. 'Hunting Time' - Anthem
8. 'Hungry Soul' - Anthem
9. 'Love in Vain' - Anthem
10. 'Perfect Crime' - Impellitteri
11. 'Fighters Fist' - Taz Taylor
12. 'Radio Luxembourg' - Taz Taylor
13. 'You Are Your Money (Demo)' - Elektric Zoo
14. 'Lost in Hollywood' - Graham Bonnet
15. 'My Kingdom Come' - Graham Bonnet Band
16. 'Mirror Lies' - Graham Bonnet Band

The second disc kicks off in fine style with the crazy good rock sounds of 'Look Don't Touch' and then back that up with a trio of songs from his Blackthorne days. A hard rock project that featured Bonnet alongside the great Bob Kulick (guitar), Frankie Banali (drums), Jimmy Waldo (keyboards), and Chuck Wright on bass, 'Afterlife', 'We Won't Be Forgotten' and 'Don't Kill The Thrill' are all as good, as hard rock genius as you would fully expect them to be.

More solo work in the shape of both 'Breakaway' and 'Killer' are up next, and they are followed by a trio of tracks from Anthem, a Japanese heavy metal band that was formed during the early 1980s in Tokyo. Man, does this guy vocally get around, right! Anyway, a touch to screamy for my personal liking, 'Hunting Time', 'Hungry Soul' and 'Love In Vain' are at the very least prime examples of how passionate Bonnet was to still make music - even if it meant leaving the country!

Another Impellitteri track 'Perfect Crime' is up next and is followed by a duo of tracks from his time spent in 2006 as a member of the Taz Taylor Band. Both 'Fighters Fist' and 'Radio Luxembourg' are then backed by 'You Are Your Money' (Demo), a previously-unreleased cut which he recorded with guitar virtuoso Dario Mollo whilst a part of Elektric Zoo. A solo version of Rainbow's infamous 'Lost In Hollywood' is next, and then the second disc is rounded out by two tracks (first time on CD) from his Graham Bonnet Band, 'My Kingdom Come' and 'Mirror Lies'.

The DVD that comes with this box-set is showcases many rare video clips taken from across Bonnet's career and also includes some track-by-track intros from the man himself; filmed especially for this collection.

1. 'It's All Over Now Baby Blue' - Graham Bonnet
2. 'Danny' - Graham Bonnet
3. 'Only You Can Lift Me' - Graham Bonnet
4. 'Warm Ride' - Graham Bonnet
5. 'Can't Complain' - Graham Bonnet
6. 'I'm a Lover' - Graham Bonnet
7. 'The Way That It Is' - Graham Bonnet
8. 'Anthony Boy' - Graham Bonnet
9. 'Night Games' - Graham Bonnet
10. 'Island in the Sun' - Alcatrazz (Featuring Yngwie J. Malmsteen)
11. 'Hiroshima Mon Amour' - Alcatrazz (Featuring Yngwie J. Malmsteen)
12. 'God Blessed Video' - Alcatrazz (Featuring Steve Vai)
13. 'Stand in Line' - Impellitteri
14. 'Stand in Line (Alt. Version)' - Impellitteri
15. 'The Mirror Lies' - Graham Bonnet Band
16. 'Stand in Line' - Impellitteri
17. 'Tonight I Fly' - Impellitteri
18. 'Leviathan' - Impellitteri
19. 'All Night Long' - Impellitteri
20. 'Secret Lover' - Impellitteri
21. 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' - Impellitteri
22. 'Goodnight and Goodbye' - Impellitteri
23. 'Since You Been Gone' - Impellitteri

'Graham Bonnet Anthology' 2CD/DVD Purchase Link