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Cherry Pop

Title - 'Ma De Re Sha'
Artist - Rahul Mukerji

For those not in the know, Rahul Mukerji is a musician based in Maryland. Born in India, he has been performing live for over fifteen years. He has had a varied performing career with multiple bands such as Iritis and Kekashaan or as a solo artist, with gigs in Chicago, Boston, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and India.

Recently though he had the chance to journey across multiple countries and interact with some captivating people. Some of them deeply influenced him so much that it propelled him to write some new music.

In what he decided would be a rather fitting tribute to all those he had come in contact with, and who had influenced his music thereafter, Mukerji compiled all these new pieces and has just released them as a full-length album.

1. 'Exit 13'
2. 'Sita'
3. 'Fingerprints'
4. 'Children of I-2'
5. 'A Path Less Travelled'
6. 'Zidd'
7. 'Ma De RFe Sha'
8. 'Train Ride from Siliguri'
9. 'Baisakhi'
10. 'Hope Anew'
11. 'Event Horizon'
12. 'Sinner'

A culmination of five years of work, coordinated across multiple countries, Ma De Re Sha is one of those albums that, once played, you keep in rotation for days to come. Encompassing world rock guitar, even metal at times, jazz, ambient grooves, middle eastern percussion, and bringing together flavors of Indian music, Ma De Re Sha is a fusion album of the highest quality of musical excellence.

Deciding to use the fund raising, crowd sourcing website to help create the album and help pay off what is to come from its release thereafter, Mukerji himself further explains his reasons. "The goal of this campaign is to raise $17,500 to complete and release this album. This will help cover the mixing and mastering of the record, the hiring of a bass player, PR Firm fees, as well as the pressing of physical copies, shipping costs, streaming/download hosting, and offering various rewards to thank all my supporters."

His campaign to raise the funds for his debut solo album Ma De Re Sha has most certainly taken off on the right foot for at this juncture he has raised $3,550 from 46 eager backers. Knowing he needs more to break even, let alone make any more from his five years in the making pet solo project, you can still donate to Mukerji's pledge page: Pledge Page for 'Ma De Re Sha'

The name of the album, and the title song therein, is derived from a word that Mukerji's best friendís daughter used at every occasion she could find. No one quite knows what it means, Mukerji fully admits, "but she made it up herself and she just loved saying it with conviction and glee anytime and every time!"

As Mukerji says, "It would mean the world to me to be able to bring this project to fruition with your support." And now listening to this incredible album, all I can honestly say is that if you pledge and help Rahul Mukerji make this album the success it deserves to be, you'll not only have an album for the ages in your hands, but one very, very thankful artist also.

Rahul Mukerji @ Facebook Pledge Page for 'Ma De Re Sha'