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Title - 'Timeless'
Artist - Blues Image (featuring Mike Pinera)

For those not in the know, Blues Image was an American rock band. Their most successful song was "Ride Captain Ride" in the last half of 1970, which reached No. 4 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and the Canadian RPM magazine charts.

Blues Image was formed in Tampa, Florida in 1966 by singer-guitarist Mike Pinera, singer-drummer Manuel "Manny" Bertematti, singer-percussionist Joe Lala, keyboardist Emilio Garcia, and bassist Malcolm Jones. They were later joined by keyboardist Frank "Skip" Konte when Emilio Garcia left the band to become a pilot.

Pinera left the band to join Iron Butterfly in the fall of 1969, during the recording of Open, and was replaced by singer Denny Correll and guitarist Kent Henry. The band later broke up after the release of their third album, Red White & Blues Image, in May 1970. The various members of Blues Image went on to become parts of other rock bands.

Here on the just-released Timeless, Blues Image featuring Mike Pinera return with this superb collection of recently recorded favorites and new songs. Indeed, Pinera showcases both his past accomplishments with a fantastic new renditions of the blockbuster single "Ride Captain Ride" and Iron Butterfly's "In A Gadda Da Vida" (of which he was vocalist for the band back in 1970).

He also show boats his present day skills as a songwriter on such tunes as "Love Is The Answer," "Pay My Dues" and many more. Timeless also includes guest performances by blues rock legend Pat Travers and Journey's Jonathan Cain.

1. 'Ride Captain Ride'
2. 'In a Gadda Da Vida'
3. 'Fantasy of Love'
4. 'Come Back'
5. 'Love Is the Answer'
6. 'Touch My Heart'
7. 'Pay My Dues'
8. 'In the Garden of Eden'
9. 'Leaving My Troubles Behind'
10. 'Butterfly Bleu'
11. 'Isla'
12. 'Something to Say'

We begin in fine style with some delightful, airy and flowing orchestral moments that seamlessly then bleed into the seventies classic rock of that aforementioned most successful song, "Ride Captain Ride." Still as breathtaking to hear today as it was back then, it's also a track that showcases what's to come perfectly. Next up is Iron Butterfly's massive deep throat hit "In A Gadda Da Vida", complete with a jazzy uptown funkesque drum moment, and that's backed by the Latin-pop of "Fantasy Of Love," the soft rock flow of "Come Back", and then the upbeat, guitar heavy "Love Is The Answer" (featuring Jonathan Cain).

The mid-tempo ballad of "Touch My Heart" is next, and a real beauty it is. Just right for those romantic night with your lady, when words escape you, but yet you feel you need to express your love for her. The full on guitar rock of "Pay My Dues" is escalated by the work of featured guitarist Pat Travers, let alone some wonderful hammond work midway through. The pop-rock lite feel of "In The Garden Of Eden" is a lovely track and is backed by the on-the-road blues "Leaving My Troubles Behind".

The brilliant slow poke blues of "Butterfly Bleu", once again featuring Pat Travers is up next, and then a true highlight of the album is the stunning, deep down rock blues guitar work of 'Isla'; an anthemic track that sounds as fresh today as it ever did. The album is then brought to a close with the hipsway blues and sax fest of 'Something To Say' featuring Jonathan Cain.

Mike Pinera and Blues Image @ Facebook

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