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Cherry Pop

Title - 'Well I Ask You: The Complete 60s Recordings'
Artist - Eden Kane

For those not in the know, Eden Kane is an English pop singer best known as a former teen idol in the 1960s. He has also recorded under his birth name (Richard Graham Sarstedt) and with his backing group the Downbeats. Indeed, he is the older brother of musicians Peter Sarstedt and Clive Sarstedt, whom he has collaborated with on numerous Sarstedt Brothers albums.

He had success in the early 1960s as a pop star appealing to a teenage audience with hits including "Well I Ask You" which was a UK No.1 hit in 1961, before moving to the United States, where he began an acting career.

In addition to all of Edenís Pye, Decca and Fontana recordings, this new 2-CD set entitled Well I Ask You: The Complete 60s Recordings also boasts his rarest offerings which followed, from three elusive singles only available in Australia/New Zealand to an obscure Bell 45 from 1970. Thereafter, Eden reverted to his real name, but reactivated the Eden Kane moniker for a one-off single in 1980.

Disc: 1
1. You Make Love So Well 2. Hot Chocolate Crazy 3. Well I Ask You 4. Before I Lose My Mind 5. Get Lost 6. I'm Telling You 7. Forget Me Not 8. A New Kind of Lovin' 9. I Don't Know Why 10. Music for Strings 11. House to Let 12. I Told You 13. Sounds Funny to Me 14. Someone Wants to Know 15. Kiss Me Quick 16. My Little Sue 17. Romance 18. Something Tells Me 19. Another Spring 20. My Time of Evening 21. Ten Out of Ten 22. That's for Me 23. Tomorrow Night 24. I Won't Believe Them 25. Like I Love You 26. Come Back 27. Boys Cry

Disc: 2
1. Don't Come Crying to Me 2. Rain, Rain, Go Away 3. Guess Who It Is? 4. Hangin' Around 5. Gonna Do Something About You 6. If You Want This Love 7. Have I Done Something Wrong? 8. Gonna Send You Back to Georgia 9. I Know a Man 10. Sticks and Stones 11. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 12. Shoppin' Around 13. I (Who Have Nothing) 14. On Broadway 15. I Should Care 16. Charade 17. The Last Leaf 18. Magic Town 19. The Whole World Was Crying (With the Dambeats) 20. Gotta Get Through to You 21. A Million Ants 22. My Whole World Is Tumbling Down 23. In the Day of My Youth 24. Time, Love, Hope, Life 25. It Doesn't Matter Anymore 26. Reason to Believe 27. I Played It Like a Fool 28. I Think I Died and Went to Heaven 29. Pulling Me Thru the Bad Times

Wow! Now this has got to be one of the most jam packed-with-gems albums that has ever come out on double disc. Stacked to the gills with no less than 56 songs, if you didn't know about Eden Kane beforehand (like me, admittedly), or if you did but wanted to have all his recordings in one, crystal clear CD spot, then Well I Ask You: The Complete 60s Recordings is the release for you all!

As there are just too many songs to tackle to review completion here, I'll simple review a few that stood out to me. Not that the remainder didn't, but there are always going to be some that have a little more to say for themselves on any album. Point in case is the opener, "You Make Love So Well" which is as perky, as fluid as that era could provide. "Hot Chocolate Crazy" is not only a great title, but inclusive of what I could have sworn was the precursor to the Benny Hill theme, it's just a brilliant pop song. It's title song "Well I Ask You" is, as expected, a track with a hook that deserved to be a #1 hit for Eden in 1961.

Other tracks off the first side that held my ear include the upbeat, Presley-sounding "A New Kind Of Lovin'" and the rockier sounds of "Boy's Cry", with the second disc providing the fun pop sway of "Hangin' Around", "Charade", "A Million Ants", and both "Magic Town" and the collection closer, the surprisingly disco-esque "Pulling Me Thru The Bad Times" with The Downbeats.

Compiled and curated with the full cooperation of Eden Kane, Well I Ask You: The Complete 60s Recordings pays due respect to an artist who still tours to this day.

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