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Ghost Canyon

Title - ‘Aventine: Deluxe Edition’
Artist - Agnes Obel

On her second album, Aventine the highly-talented, hard working Agnes Obel steps to the fore to reissue her album from late last year in a mighty fine deluxe edition version. Most times when people do this they add a couple of non descript tracks in hope that the fans will buy the deluxe reissue and not ever notice that nothings really changed from the original they had already spent their hard earned money on!

But Agnes doesn’t play that game, for here on her reissued and now deluxe edition album she has included a whole other brand new album of 11 tracks! Now coming at ya as a unique double album, Aventine contains six live tracks, reworkings, new tracks and even a David Lynch Remix of ‘Fuel To Fire.’

Agnes, a Danish singer/songwriter/musician, has always been someone to break the rules of what is expected from her. Creating, nay, sculpting ethereal, in some cases even hauntingly majestic sounds capes, her love of varied musical styles throughout her upbringing enables her music to embody, embrace them all.

Having been influenced by such notables as PJ Harvey, Joni Mitchell and even the late, great Roy Orbison, her 2010 debut album, Philharmonics was not only highly-praised, well-received, and lauded from great heights, but has since been certified five-times Platinum in her native Denmark, Platinum in Belgium and France and Gold in Holland. Oh, and it also won her five major awards at the 2011 Danish Music Awards too, lest we forget to mention that fact.

So yes, Aventine had a lot to live up to back in 2013 when it as first released, but it managed it in fine form. A critical success al across Eurpe, reaching the Top 10 in five countries and achieving Platinum status in France, as well as Gold in Belgium and in her native Denmark, you’d be blind; indeed foolish to not see the duel comparisons here between both albums released thus far.

As for iconic film director, David Lynch doing the Remix on ‘Fuel To Fire,’ well, he has spoken widely about it, stating that he was turned onto Agnes’ music through his very own record label. He went on to say that she has a “most beautiful voice and can do things with her voice that are unique and extraordinary.” I don’t think any of us could have put it any better, and so that song is included here in this second disc of new and live material: ‘Under Giant Trees,’ ‘Arches,’ ‘September Song,’ ‘Run Cried The Crawling’ (Live), ‘Chord Left’ (Live), ‘Fuel To Fire’ (Live),’ ‘Aventine’ (Live), ‘Words Are Dead’ (Live), ‘The Curse’ (Live), ‘Dorian’ (Daniel Matz Rework),’ and finally, the aforementioned, ‘Fuel To Fire (David Lynch Remix).’

Reviewed by: Russell A. Trunk