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Title - 'Aham'
Artist - Corrado Rustici

For those not in the know, Corrado Rustici is a master, and illuminating force of Transmodern Music. Being that this is actually Rustici's first studio album in ten years, one might ask the question: Why so long between records? The answer is simple. Eager to emerge from the “trance” and “lack of imagination” plaguing electric guitarists for the past several decades, Rustici devoted six years to exploring sounds and expansive musical contexts utilizing only the guitar as his field of experimentation and expression.

Ergo, Aham was born. Those labored upon imaginative results are the nine songs he composed that together form this brand new, simply at times, breathtaking album. A combination of ambient fusion, progressive jazz, ethereal rock, moments even of moody pop, they all come infused with a rather dramatic classical ambiance.

1. “As Dark Bleeds Light”
2. “Ananda’s First Steps”
3. “The Duke And The Hare”
4. “The Guilty Thread”
5. “Roots Of Progression”
6. “Alcove Of Stars”
7. “The Last Light Spoken”
AHAM Suite:
8. Part 1: “The Enquiry”
9. Part 2: “Aham”

To hear it though is the only way to truly understand it, of course. Without the use of synthesizers, samplers or electronic instruments anywhere on the album, released in the U.S. this past July 15th, 2016, Aham - performed and produced by the imagineer master Rustici - begins with the five minute, laid back, late night groove of 'As Dark Bleeds Light', which is backed by the smooth, sensual ballad 'Ananda's First Steps' and then the intricate, yet worldly storytelling of 'The Duke And The Hare'.

The stoic confessional 'The Guilty Thread' brings forth Rustici's deep, gravely vocal tones just perfectly (and it is the only time on the album he does so), before the fast-paced, low rent techno vibe of 'Roots Of Progression' are upon us. Rather surprisingly, as in Where has he been for the past 20+ years, the soulful tenor voice of Andrew Strong (“The Commitments”) vocalizes the wandering ballad 'Alcove Of Stars', before the haunting string work of the five minute 'The Last Light Spoken' once more showcases the stunning musical ability Rustici truly has.

As you might already be able to tell, Aham is a highly unique musical project, both for the way it sounds and for the way it was made. The musical tapestry, for that is what it honestly sounds like, quite literally transcends its sources, creating what he himself likes to call "Transmodern Music." The album rounds out exquisitely with the Aham Suite pairing of both 'Part 1: The Enquiry' and 'Part 2: Aham' (a Sanskrit word meaning “I am”).

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