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Ghost Canyon

Title - 'Don Williams In Ireland' [CD & DVD]
Artist - Don Williams

For those not in the know, Don Williams is an American country singer, songwriter and a 2010 inductee to the Country Music Hall of Fame. He grew up in Portland, Texas, and graduated in 1958 from Gregory-Portland High School. After seven years with the folk-pop group Pozo-Seco Singers, he began his solo career in 1971, singing popular ballads and amassing 17 number one country hits.

His straightforward yet smooth bass-baritone voice, soft tones, and imposing build earned him the nickname: "Gentle Giant" of country music. Hence, the title to this brand new CD + DVD set, 'Don Williams In Ireland: The Gentle Giant In Concert'.

This incredible concert contains nineteen songs, including fifteen of his classic hits - and three of his more recent songs. Included on the project are such Williams mainstays as 'I Believe In You','Lay Down Beside Me', and 'Tulsa Time'.<> The live set also includes 'Elise', from his 1998 CD I Turn The Page, as well as 'Imagine That', which can be found in his 2012 CD And So It Goes, which was a collaboration with fellow superstar Keith Urban; who has long counted Williams as an influence.

CD Tracklisting:
1. 'Good Ole Boys Like Me'
2. 'Some Broken Hearts Never Mend'
3. 'Lay Down Beside Me'
4. 'Back In My Younger Days'
5. 'She Never Knew Me'
6. 'Elise'
7. 'How Did You Do It'
8. 'From Now On'
9. 'If Hollywood Don't Need You'
10. 'Till the Rivers All Run Dry'
11. 'It Must Be Love'
12. 'I Believe In You'
13. 'Imagine That'
14. 'Tulsa Time'
15. 'Amanda'
16. 'You're My Best Friend'
17. 'Lord I Hope This Day Is Good'
18. 'I Recall a Gypsy Woman'
19. 'Louisiana Saturday Night'

DVD Tracklisting:
1. 'It Must Be Love'
2. 'Lay Down Beside Me'
3. 'Good Ole Boys Like Me'
4. 'Elise'
5. 'Lord I Hope This Day Is Good'
6. 'How Did You Do It'
7. 'Imagine That'
8. 'If Hollywood Don't Need You'
9. 'Louisiana Saturday Night'
10. 'Till the Rivers All Run Dry'
11. 'Amanda'
12. 'I Recall a Gypsy Woman'
13. 'You're My Best Friend'
14. 'Some Broken Hearts Never Mend'
15. I Believe In You'
16. 'Tulsa Time'

This new Don Williams recording (which features 19 tracks here on CD, but just 16 on the DVD, and has a different run order (as noted above) was recorded live in Dublin and Belfast in 2014 and contains 35 tracks in total. A welcome addition to any live recording made by Williams, it admittedly doesn't match up to 1994's An evening with Don Williams, but then again, that was over 20 years ago, of course.

Here, today (well, 2014), Williams' vocals have aged, his tone, at times, not as smooth as once was, and combining that with the overall sound quality (which is a little muffled), sometimes listening to this recording you nod your head in acceptance to the aging process, for sure.

That all said, Don Williams In Ireland: The Gentle Giant In Concert - whether it be here on audio CD or visually on the DVD - is still a joy to behold. Whether it be for your ears or eyes (or both re: the DVD), this live set still also flows nicely, and the overall listening experience is never far from thoroughly enjoyable.

Regardless if you are a major fan or simply an innocent bystander to his musical heritage, this new CD+DVD is well worth picking up. In truth, given that Williams recently announced his retirement from the entertainment industry after a five-decade career that included hits in both country and pop music, this is (most likely) the last finished product we ever get from Mr. Williams. So, that alone makes this CD + DVD set well worth picking up. [Run Time @ 56:30].

'Don Williams In Ireland: The Gentle Giant In Concert - Deluxe Limited Edition CD & DVD' Purchase Link