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DJ Supply

Title - 'Aerosmith Rocks Donington 2014'
Artist - Aerosmith

Aerosmith are still obviously comfortable with their current status as a touring greatest hits machine, as that's what we get here on Aerosmith Rocks Donington 2014, which Eagle Rock is releasing on September 4th. The DVD/2 CD set presents a full show of 20 classic Aerosmith cuts from the groupís 2014 Let Rock Rule tour.

The crowd roar, Tyler screams, and suddenly we're rip-roaring our way through a blistering 'Train Kept A-Rollin'. It's obvious from the off that as much as the guitar work is as spot on as ever before, Tyler's vocals are not as they once were, sadly. They just don't carry the acute vocals punch they once did, but that said, this 2 CD and 1 DVD set is as good as it gets for this band at this current time.

"Good evening, Donington," Tyler screams again, before the jungle drums send us into a song I haven't heard them perform live in many, many years, 'Eat The Rich.' Tyler sounds out of breath already, and we're only two songs in, and that is emphasized on 'Love In An Elevator,' where he allows the crowd to lyrically carry the song; for the most part. "Holy shit," Tyler exalts, before they launch into 'Cryin,' and back that with both a great 'Jaded,' but then a really horrible, dull, mumbled 'Livin' On The Edge.'

Tyler then introduces Brad Whitford on guitar, before a slightly slower-than-normal 'Last Child' is brought forth. Tyler then intro's Joe Perry on guitar, before another song rarely heard is given to us, 'Freedom Fighter.' Vocally intro'd by Perry himself,he explains that it came from their last album, Music From Another Dimension, and is sung by Perry himself. A man who has never had a great singing voice, it might as well have Keith Richards attached to the backing vocals, it's just that bad! Moving on and thankfully we next get a dynamite 'Same Old Song And Dance,' before the first CD is rounded out by 'Janie's Got A Gun.'

The performance at Donington Park in Leicestershire, U.K. is your typical current Aerosmith show, sure, but sprinkled with some oldies but goldies, the show continues to impressive, even after all these years. Early hit 'Toys In The Attic' opens up the second disc, before Tyler thanks the crowd, adding, "On the keyboards, Mr. Buck Johnson" and we get a nicely worked 'I Donít Want To Miss A Thing.' Tyler just doesn't sound on his game for some of these songs, but, as they've been going for so long, one has to expect such an extraordinary, world-renowned vocal tone is going to have to fall into decent at some stage.

Stating that the previous song was his "favorite Aerosmith song," the guys then bring us a brilliant 'No More No More,' before a plodding, mumbled cover of 'Come Together' is brought forth. It's such a shame that some of these songs sound like this, but Tyler's vocals are truly not pulling their weight these days - so it seems. Moving on, and next we get crowd favorite 'Dude (Looks Like A Lady),' which is followed by Tyler inciting the crowd into a 'Walk This Way' frenzy. Next up is the lesser known mid-tempo ballad 'Home Tonight,' which plays for only a minute before it bleeds seamlessly into 'Dream On.'

The second CD, and of course, the concert itself, is then brought to a close with Tyler introducing Todd Hamilton on (a very funky) bass guitar for 'Sweet Emotion,' and after wishing Donington a good night, and re-introducing the entire band this time en mass, the Demon of Screamin' gets the crowd to chant "F**k curfew" as the band fire off (for once) a blistering 'Mama Kin' to wrap things up in style