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Title - 'Jukebox - The Ultimate Collection'
Artist - Chris Thompson

Wow! I mean, that's all that can be said of this incredible, truly excellent double album of Chris Thompson classics and more. Best known for his work as the vocalist and guitarist on many hits for Manfred Mann's Earth Band, as well as featuring on the classic Jeff Wayne concept album WAR OF THE WORLDS, Chris Thompson is also a noted songwriter. In fact, he wrote one of my all time favorite songs, the smash hit 'You're the Voice' for John Farnham!

His most recent studio album, Toys And Dishes (2014) was a BRILLIANT album, and remarkably his first in over ten years at that point. Ergo, bouncing along with the fan/media generated hype from that album, this latest collection, Jukebox - The Ultimate Collection is, well, just that!

This new collection is a 36 track compilation of material that has defined Thompson's career, including songs such as 'Blinded by the Light', 'Father of Day', 'Davy's on the Road Again', 'Martha's Madman', 'The Mighty Quinn', 'Thunderchild' and 'You're the Voice' - along with tracks from that aforementioned last album, such as 'Eddie Wants to Rock' and 'Millie Christine'.

Disc One:
1.Dark Side
2.Love and Loneliness
3.Father of Day (Live)
4.Hot Summer Night (Live)
5.Million Dollar Wonder Hit
6.Cold Wind Blowing Across My Heart
7.Spirits In The Night (Live)
8.Whole Lot To Give
9.For You
10.One Man Mission
11.Martha's Madman (Live)
12.Beat of Love
13.You Angel You (Live)
14.A Shift In The Wind
15.Eddie Wants To Rock
16.Dream Away Little Girl
17.Don't Stop
18.The Fire

Disc Two:
1.The Mighty Quinn (Live)
2.The Challenge
3.Runner (Live)
4.Redemption Song
5.Land of The Long White Cloud
6.Blinded By The Light
8.Heart of The Fire
9.Don't Kill It Carol (Live)
10.If You Remember Me
11.Millie Christine
12.You're The Voice
13.Davy's On The Road Again (Live)
14.Questions (Live)
15.Zu Leben
16.Thunderchild (Acoustic Version)
17.What World
18.We Are The Strong

This most excellent guitarist and stage performer is well represented here on Jukebox - The Ultimate Collection, as it truly showcases the history behind the musician. Indeed, one story that I like to remind people - or inform them, if they didn't actually know - is that, and with regard 'You're The Voice,' Thompson actually himself hoped to record the song in London, but was turned down by record companies there who stated the song was "not commercial."

He then sent a demo to John Farnham (another Antipodean-raised Englishman) who had recently come off a five-year stint fronting the Little River Band. Farnham liked the song and agreed to record it for his forthcoming album, Whispering Jack. Farnham's release of 'You're the Voice' was, of course, a worldwide hit, reaching top ten positions in many countries across the world.

A master of the rock and progressive rock genres, Chris Thompson is a legend in the business and this brand new compilation serves only to enhance that reputation, trust me.