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Final Gravity

Title - 'Crayons' (Burgundy)
Artist - Donna Summer

After 17 years since her last studio album, Donna has returned to the spotlight with her smash CD 'Crayons'. It's a mixed bag, Donna-Style. Her flawless, strong vocals are back once again. The Queen is back indeed! Having grown up in the mid 70's, I've always liked Donna's singing and her songs. 'Crayons' is right up there with the best music of 2008.

"I'm a Fire" is flaming and stands out among the tracks, with its mix of Disco and modern-day "light" club-sound. No wonder it's turned out to be Donna's first remix single! "Stamp Your Feet" is a perfect opener and totally rocks. I've both these CD singles here at home. 'Crayons' is quite laid-back and not entirely dancy or club-floor sounding as I thought, which isn't bad. There's also a rock-edge mixed with Pop, Reggae and electronica.

All these styles intertwined with Donna's full, in-your-face, throaty voice, makes this CD a true winner. Track 6 ("Sand on My Feet") is so floating and rich with beautiful vocals and lyrics. I'd say it's an easy listening type of song and very summery through and through. You'll notice they put Donna's voice through the synthesizer quite a bit through the CD, but it works pretty darned well.

Lots of thought, heart and soul went into this recording. Track 9 ("Slide Over Backwards") is very entertaining with its country style and very amusing vocal style. "Chorus line" is fun and the whole song could've worked very well in Tina Turner's repertoire. I think this is Donna's most electic album to date, and definitely worth playing for family and friends.

The CD is housed in a lovely black digi-pak with a fully illustrated booklet (16 pages). The digi-pak is a tri-fold layout. The interior middle section features the same closeup eye shot as on Donna's "I'm a Fire" CD single cover. Right flap holds the CD and the left flap holds the booklet. All photos of Donna are beautiful and she's looking ageless. the outside of the left flap features another photo of Donna.

'Crayons' is a definite winner for your summer listening and beyond. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to discover a true legend. I'm glad Donna is back because there are too many commercially fake & obnoxious Divas out there, if they even deserve the title Diva. 'Crayons' is perfect for putting on your Ipod, for there isn't a song you won't like. So go and get yourself this CD and let Donna heat up your summer!

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